Top 10 Types of Healthcare Software Solutions

Consumers now expect healthcare services to be accessible at the time and manner most convenient and safe for them. Enterprises and startups recognize this and have accelerated their investments in software development for healthcare needs.

With the growing role of digital technologies in daily life and the sudden lifestyle disruption caused by COVID-19, healthcare providers are leveraging digital platforms not only to improve their workflows, but more importantly to meet consumer and patient demands on care and well-being. From this point of view, people have started developing various healthcare software solutions and provide custom healthcare software development services.

Healthcare software in 2022

Healthcare facilities use software to carry out a big range of tasks and solve different problems of this sphere, from supply chain to client’s service. Such solutions also maintain the particular relations between caregivers, providers, and patients. 

The purpose of software development for healthcare is to create a digital ecosystem where suppliers can improve the quality of healthcare services, deliver better treatment, and make their team more productive. These healthcare software solutions are also designed to skyrocket the medical practice revenue of enterprises and startups.

Top 10 most popular types of medical software

The term healthcare software (or medical software) maintains different software that is utilized in healthcare. See the following types:

  • electronic health record software – a crucial issue of patient care, as it collects and organizes a patient’s diagnosis history in the format of user-friendly graphs, summaries, and tables;
  • medical booking software – one of the most significant healthcare software solutions for any medical practice;
  • practice management software – a medical practice is not only a healthcare entity but also a business;
  • medical CRM software – another necessary medical software solution for every facility;
  • medical billing software – maintains all financial aspects under control and provides a private way to handle fees;
  • telemedicine software – as telemedicine serves as a standard for many clients, you might miss out on different abilities if you don’t provide a medical software solution that offers your patients the option to order online consultations;
  • reporting and data analysis software – it is easier than ever to maintain, structure, and analyze big amounts of information;
  • personal health record software –  a type of medical software solution utilized to review diseases and functions as a medical notebook;
  • medical diagnosis software – utilizes artificial intelligence to provide more precise diagnoses with minimal chances of error;
  • medical imaging software – also a popular healthcare software solution used in many healthcare institutions, which usually comes in handy in processing MRI/CT/PET scans and making 3D models.

These types serve as a multiple and diverse system which depends on the need and client’s preferences.

Healthcare software development in 2022 is the future development of technology

The future of healthcare involves technology that seamlessly fixes data on a patient’s medical history, real-time health, insurance coverage, and financial information in order to support provider decision-making, improve patient health, and decrease costs.

Changing integration of electronic health record (EHR) data provides labs, care plans, and medical histories from various sources are available in minutes or seconds — not days or weeks — so the supplier can make a clear diagnosis and develop the most effective care plan in less time.


Nowadays, the custom healthcare software development services are undergoing a deep digital transformation as more and more providers improve technology to maintain new patient needs. Developing software for healthcare aims is something every provider is interested in today.

Our experts have the skills and know-how to help you solve any problem with a dedicated healthcare software solution.

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