Top 20 Reasons Why Startups Should Consider DevOps as a Service

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DevOps as a Service is the most efficient way for startups to improve their product and business with the help of experts from DevOps. This service includes all aspects of IT, including cloud infrastructure, network management, security, monitoring, and more. This service aims to increase performance and reduce downtime so that your startup can grow without worrying about technical problems. This article will explore why startups should not miss out on DevOps as a Service and how it can help improve efficiency and scalability in any startup’s IT operations.

DevOps as a Service: What Is It & How Does It Work?

DevOps has been gaining traction in the technology industry. DevOps as a Service, DaaS for short, is a coined phrase to illustrate the idea that you can deploy an application using a service provider. There are many different ways to deploy an application, but this provides a way to do it more efficiently and consistently.

When using a service such as this, you can achieve automated application deployments, continuous monitoring, testing to help avoid bugs or other defects in the applications, and many more benefits.

For your information, DevOps is a term used in software development to describe teams that take full responsibility for any code that is part of the final product. Using this method enables developers to deploy their own code, monitor it, and make updates without waiting for an IT team to do it for them.

Using a DevOps as a Service platform can significantly decrease the time required to set up automated deployments, test, run application performance monitoring tools, and other tasks. The intent of this service is to match as closely as possible the experience that a developer would have if they were deploying their own application. In some cases, the service providers even include tools that are not typically available through a cloud provider but gives you the ability to deploy these yourself if you choose to do so.

Why Should Startups Consider Using DevOps as a Service?

DevOps is a Service where IT professionals are contracted for specific periods to manage the software development process. A company, especially a startup, can benefit from DaaS by focusing on its primary business while outsourcing more technical tasks. So what does it mean for startups? Well, if you have not used DevOps as a Service yet, then you should consider it. Here are the top 20 reasons why:

Create a more sustainable business model

Startups typically require all of the attention and focus that their leadership can provide, but it’s challenging to do that when you need to manage your own infrastructure and development processes. By outsourcing those tasks to DevOps as a Service provider, startups regain the ability to focus on what they do best.

Provide flexibility with scaling your business

A startup’s most valuable resource is time, and outsourced support services allow them to continue that work while service providers handle the more technical components of operating a business. This flexible work model enables startups to focus on what is important when it’s important rather than worrying about when to scale up their business support infrastructure.

Offer peace of mind during the early days of your business

You can be freed from tasks that can easily be outsourced while your startup grows and takes on new challenges. Managed services for DevOps as a Service provider take care of everything so you can do what you do best.

Better cost savings and budget control

Since outsourced support services are typically billed on a time and materials basis, the inherent flexibility of costs naturally exists in such an arrangement. When your business needs more or less support than expected initially, the only changes required would be time commitment or hourly rates.

Promote company culture and values

Startups are typically fast-paced, single-minded organizations that value agility above all else. By outsourcing your DevOps tasks to a trusted partner, you are able to focus on what matters most while still ensuring your business is operating at its best. This allows startups to build trust between employees who will be working together closely to accomplish larger, shared goals.

Reduce churn rates and increases employee retention

Startup culture is one of the main reasons employees become members of your company in the first place, but it can also be a reason why they leave. DevOps as a Service can give your staff free hands to work on more critical tasks. By allowing your team to focus on what matters most while still outsourcing support tasks, you ensure your employees will spend their time working on value-added activities rather than being distracted by time sinks.

Increase the speed of business processes

In order for a business to be truly agile, it needs to have internal systems capable of reacting in real-time to changing conditions and opportunities. DevOps as a service is the only way to achieve this agility. By outsourcing those tasks, startups can ensure that they have the resources available to support both their current business as well as changes in the future as opportunities arise.

Help your startup adapt more quickly

With your infrastructure and development processes completely outsourced for a fixed period of time, you are able to focus on your core business while service providers respond to changes in the market. This ensures that your startup always has access to updated equipment, platforms, and solutions when you need them most.

Enable you to learn from best practices and industry experts

Learning by observation can be valuable for managers and directors to gather insight into what works and what doesn’t work in an organization. By leveraging the expertise and knowledge of service providers, startups can continue to operate more efficiently as they learn from those who have had years of experience working with other organizations like yours.

Faster time-to-market for new products and services

Many companies outsource software development as a way of increasing their speed to market. This ensures that startups have access to a wider range of skills and expertise than they would be able to build internally without creating a larger, more complex organization.

Accelerates the time it takes for your business to scale up

As your startup continues to grow and challenges increase, having an infrastructure supported by experts can be a huge asset as you look to grow and manage your business. By outsourcing such critical tasks, startups can focus on what matters most while still ensuring that they have access to necessary support that keeps operations running smoothly.

Help with regulatory compliance and security concerns

With DevOps as a Service, startups are able to concentrate on what matters most rather than being bogged down with the daily tasks of managing a company’s infrastructure. In addition, outsourcing such critical tasks can help ensure that your business is meeting all regulatory requirements and takes proper measures to keep your customer’s data safe from unauthorized access.

Focus on the most important aspects of your business

Having access to DevOps as a Service ensures that entrepreneurs are able to get the resources they need while still being able to prioritize what matters most to their organization’s growth and success. Outsourcing critical day-to-day task allows startups to become leaner and more agile as they don’t waste energy on the tasks left to experts.

Leverage DevOps capabilities without adding new employees

Just as outsourcing your infrastructure means you don’t have to deal with all of the day-to-day tasks, leveraging the expertise and knowledge of DevOps as a service means that your business can scale up more quickly and efficiently than it would if you had to hire additional employees.

Ensure consistent quality services for customers, partners, and internal users

By outsourcing such tasks as infrastructure management, system maintenance, and customer support, startups focus on what matters most rather than spreading themselves too thin and wasting time and energy on tasks that experts can complete.

Give you access to a wider range of skills and expertise

Having access to DevOps as a service ensures that startups focus on what matters most while also scaling up quickly and staying lean and agile as they don’t waste energy on tasks that can be left to experts. This ensures that startups have access to a wider range of skills and expertise than teams would be able to build internally without creating a larger, more complex organization.

Provide 24/7 proactive monitoring for your infrastructure, systems, and applications

By outsourcing infrastructure management, startups are able to concentrate on important tasks without having to worry about the day-to-day tasks of ensuring that their infrastructure is running smoothly.

Improve customer satisfaction levels and reduce support costs

Handling all aspects of your system’s management yourself can be an overwhelming challenge for new startups that don’t have access to training or expertise. By outsourcing tasks such as system maintenance, updates, and hosting management, startups are able to focus on what matters most while still complying with industry regulations and protecting customer data.

Respond quickly to new opportunities without adding hindrances

Adding on additional costs is one of the first things that founders think about if their business becomes successful enough to require a dedicated team for infrastructure management. Outsourcing such tasks as software updates and hosting management means that startup founders don’t have to worry about constantly increasing their organization’s costs as they can scale up without adding additional expenditures.

Ensure expert service levels, regular monitoring of your systems, and full audit trails on customer activity

By outsourcing infrastructure management, system maintenance, and customer support, startups can focus on what matters most while still complying with industry regulations and protecting customer data without worrying about the day-to-day tasks of ensuring that their infrastructure is running smoothly.


In brief, DevOps as a Service is likely to continue because it offers many benefits for startups that are struggling with DevOps talent. If you would like to save money on hiring or outsourcing, this option could be the best one for your business. Are the 20 reasons we mentioned above persuasive enough for you to consider DevOps as a Service? We are not so sure whether we have listed down all the reasons yet. But we know one thing for sure: Startups have more reasons than enough to adopt DevOps as a Service. How about you?

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