Top 3 Luvmehair wigs that beginners can rely on

As a beginner with wigs, you do not know what to do and which wig to select. That’s one of the biggest reasons most beginners buy the wrong wig, which ultimately ruins their experience and journey with wigs. So, as a beginner, it is extremely important to buy your first wig very carefully and go for the one you can rely on.

Top 3 wigs that beginners can rely on

Here we will explore our top 3 pics you can try out as a beginner. These wigs do not put a lot of requirements on you. Instead, these offer you an easier experience, whether it is about styling, comfort, or reliability.

Headband wig human hair

Headband wig human hair is the first option beginners can rely on for their first wig. It is because this wig is among the least demanding wigs out there. You can put your wig on your head correctly and be ready to go.

However, it does not mean that you will not get anything to learn from these wigs. Headband wig human hair allows you to style and learn many things about wigs.

One of the easiest pairing wigs with different types of clothing

Pairing a wig with your personality can be hard, but pairing one with your clothes can be even harder. Thanks to the headband, the headband wig human hair is very easy to pair with different clothes. You only need to get a little creative with colors, and you will have a wig that perfectly matches the clothes that you are wearing.

Natural and undetectable looks unlike any other wig

Something that beginners want the most from their wigs is that nobody should be able to tell if they are wearing a wig or not.

The headband of headband wig human hair solves this issue as well. As the headband covers your forehead, it covers your head’s hairline and the starting partition. So, there is practically no way left for anyone to see and tell if you are wearing a wig.

Style your wig the way you want

Although the front part of your head is covered with the headband, you will still have the top and back of your head to try different hairstyles.

So, get creative with your wig and try different hairstyles to see which suits you the most. Doing so will also prepare you to style perfectly with your next wigs when you learn a little about using wigs.

Human Hair Bundles

Human hair bundles are next here, and instead of bringing a whole wig, these come as bundles so you can attach them wherever you need. These are much more reliable for some beginners considering the difficulties they have to face when they wear whole wigs.

The best thing about human hair bundles is that many natural human hair bundles are available. So, you can buy one that perfectly matches your natural hair.

No need to put stress on your head by wearing wigs all the time

With human hair bundles, you will never put stress all the time on your scalp. Wigs add weight to your head while reducing the breathability of your scalp. So, when you go with human hair bundles, you will not be adding that much weight to your head.

Similarly, you will not get any breathability, sweating, or itching issues because you are not putting anything on your scalp to cover it.

Never artificially style your hair.

With the human hair bundles, you will never need to style your hair artificially using different types of wigs. It is because these bundles go in your real hair, and you then style your natural hair. So, here you are, buffing up your natural hairstyle instead of putting a wig on your head. Simply put, this looks much better than trying out different wigs.

Plenty of customization options to make everything look like you want

Lastly, the human hair bundles will offer customized like no other wigs. As these are not complete wigs, you can customize them in a lot of ways, including the following:

  •         Dyeing to change color
  •         Adding curls or waves
  •         Straightening them
  •         Shortening the length
  •         Lessening their volume, etc.

It means everything about the human hair bundles will look exactly like you want.

Short Bob Wigs

Short bob wigs are the last pick for the wigs that beginners can rely on as they offer a convenient experience. Short bob wigs are especially famous among working women for their ease and comfort from the premium lace and shorter hair length. As a beginner, there are a lot of reasons for you to get these, and some of them are:

Not necessary to style your hair

Short bob wigs will be a good option if you do not know much about styling your hair. It is because you will be ready right after you put your wig on your head. While you can style your wigs, you don’t need to, which makes these a better option than many wigs.

Extremely comfortable wigs that you can use in the summer season

The short bob wigs offer better breathability to your head with lesser weight, shorter hair, and premium lace. Thus, these make a perfect option for the summer days. However, you can also wear these in the winter season.

Find different options to see what you like the most

The last reason for buying these is the large range of variety that you get here. Technically there will be limitless options to select from depending on what you like from the color, texture, volume, hair type, etc. So, you always have the choice to get the option that you like the most.


Buying the correct type of wig already solves more than half of the problem. So, as a beginner, you must pay attention to the wig you are buying. If you do not have anyone to guide you, you can still select one of the above-discussed wigs. These will not only offer you amazing reliability, but you will also learn a lot about wigs this way.

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