Top 3 Mods for BMW K100

For decades, BMW has made some excellent motorcycles, especially touring bikes. The BMW K100 is a great example of the brand’s craftsmanship and performance. Many owners continue to cherish these bikes despite their production ending with model year 1994. If you own one but want to refresh it and get a little extra performance, these are the top 3 mods for BMW K100 you should get.

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BMW K100. (Image: Wikipedia)

1) K&N OE Replacement High Flow Air Filter

The simplest way to increase horsepower is by increasing airflow into the engine. Air inflow is a major bottleneck for most engines, hence the popularity of turbos in the car community. Upgrading your air filter is extremely simple and can help you add a few horsepower to your engine.

K&N OE Replacement High Flow Air Filters increase the flow rate of the air coming into the engine, increasing performance. They are also designed to easily fit into the OEM airbox on your bike, making installation so easy that even a complete novice can do it. Furthermore, they are cleanable and reusable, so you won’t have to worry about buying replacements down the road.

If you could only choose one of the many aftermarket BMW motorcycle parts online to upgrade with, this should be it. It’s easily installed, convenient and performance-enhancing.

2) NGK Spark Plugs

Even the newest BMW K100 has been on the road for 25 or more years. Replacing some consumable and/or worn-down parts can help you breathe new life into your bike. Before you take to the road on your next touring trip, do a tun- up to refresh your K100 a little. You may be surprised by the performance improvement.

One of the simple ways to do this is with a common maintenance task: replacing the spark plugs. The NGK Spark Plugs are aftermarket upgrades on the OEM components. They offer superior performance compared to their decades-old counterparts. They also feature superior construction, meaning they will last longer. Although simple, this upgrade is definitely worth making.

3) Nelson Rigg Commuter Touring Tail Bag

If you don’t already have a storage bag for your bike, pick this one up. Motorcycles are a lot of fun but not the most practical in terms of storage. For touring bikes like the BMW K100, it can be very helpful to add a luggage bag to hold items for longer trips.

This bag features a zippered, expandable section so you can fit plenty of luggage when you need to and compact the bag down when you don’t. Additionally, the Nelson Rigg Commuter Touring Tail Bag is made from high-strength materials including a proprietary UltraMax fabric that will keep your items safe from the elements.

Get Started

Don’t wait to start making the most of your BMW K100 bike. Even the best BMW K100 OEM parts need to be replaced after a while. So, pick up some motorcycle aftermarket parts and breathe new energy into your favorite bike. There are few experiences more rewarding than taking to the open road on your touring bike that you’ve upgraded yourself. Get started wrenching today with these top mods.

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