Top 3 Online Real Cash Games to Play in 2023

Playing card games is always fun. Some experts even speculate that card games are so old that they have existed since the dawn of civilization. It is speculated that the card game of teen patti first appeared in India 5 thousand years ago before spreading to the west and ultimately evolving into the standard 52 card deck game that we all know today.  

With technology coming at your fingertips, playing card games has become very easy, now these games have turned into trading card games with different rules and strategies. You can play various versions online with real money. With the emergence of the internet and ultrafast speed, it became very easy to play games like online andar bahar Real Cash, and teen patti, poker, maang patta, etc. For playing these games all you need to do is simply go to an online bookmaker website, and you’ll find plenty of card game options to play. 

These are the three best online card games for you to play in 2023. 


The first card game on our list is Rummy. It is the most popular card game in the world. Having originated in either China or Mexico in the 19th century. It is a modern version which is said to be evolved from the ancient Mexican game of Conquian, same like the Chinese game “Khanhoo”. However, the Indian version of Rummy is said to be an extension of games like 500 Rum and Gin Rummy. 

Rummy is a standard card game that is played with two card decks and has two Jokers. A player can choose and discard cards from the two piles that have been given to make a proper declaration and win it.  

The two piles the players made are: 

A closed deck, in which the players are unable to view the cards they will be choosing. 

An open deck is created from the cards that the players have discarded. 

Each player must arrange their cards into sets and sequences that can be accepted as genuine in order to win the game of rummy. 

Teen Patti  

Teen Patti is the most common card game played in Indian households. Family and friends gather on the night of Indian festivals like Diwali and Janmashtami and play this card game. This has emerged to be the most popular game in the online casino world. You can play up to 5 versions of Teen Patti Real Cash games on these bookmakers’ sites. 

The online version is a bit different from the offline one, here you don’t have to play against other players but you will play against the dealer. The dealer will deal three cards to you and himself, the one with the best cards will win the bet and you will get a specific payout as per your hand. 

Andar Bahar 

The online game of andar bahar is loved by Indian players. The main reason behind its sudden popularity is it’s easy to play feature, even the naive player can understand the game basics in just 2 minutes and can start earning a real amount of money from the game. Andar Bahar is available in almost every online bookmaker present in India. All you need to do is just select the game from the live table section and play it with real money. There are a few side bets also available which you can use to earn some extra money if you win the bet. The dealer will show a random card from the 52 card deck, now the player will have to select the side on which he/she thinks the card lands. The dealer then starts dealing cards, putting one at each side. If that particular card lands in your selected side then you win the bet. 

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