Top 5 Best Business Phone Services of 2023

Small businesses need VoIP phone services more than ever. Your small business can significantly benefit from VoIP services if you cannot afford to employ human customer service representatives on a 24-hour basis. Then you can manage customer phone calls with an automated and simplified process.

What are VoIP Services? 

VoIP is an acronym referring to “Voice over Internet Protocol.” It basically refers to the ability to make voice phone calls through a broadband internet connection. VoIP technology has existed since the early 1990s, but it has only gotten more advanced in the years since.

Modern VoIP phone services offer the following benefits to small business users:

  • Receive customer phone calls on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Allow an automated attendant to answer and redirect calls
  • Call queuing to distribute inbound calls automatically
  • Record and rate calls to improve customer service
  • No long-distance charges
  • Screen incoming calls with the ability to send them to voicemail
  • Convert voicemails to text or email transcriptions
  • Use VoIP to text message your customers

Say goodbye to using human switchboard operators and paying long-distance fees for international calls. VoIP phone services eliminate the costs of long-distance calls and automate the entire process of receiving and rerouting incoming calls to your business. All you need to do is find an exemplary business phone service to serve your company.

The Leading Business Phone Services for 2023

What are the best business phone services in 2023? It is not enough to obtain the services of any random company with a business phone to offer. Instead, you need to review the best small business phone systems being offered to determine which ones accommodate your budget and preferences the best.

Below are the top 5 best business phone services offering advanced business phone systems to small or medium-sized companies.

#5 – GrassHopper

GrassHopper is a popular business phone service provider because it offers affordable monthly prices, flexibility, and a simple installation process. They have an excellent customer service team if you need assistance with setup or have questions about your account. In addition, its small business phone systems include VoIP services and HD video conferencing for employees and customers to communicate online.

#4 – GoToConnect

GoToConnect has gained a lot of attention for its all-in-one cloud phone system that is fully scalable and customizable to meet your small business communication needs. You can use their business phone services to conduct unlimited calling, access visual voicemails, SMS messaging, call forwarding, and more.

#3 – is one of the oldest small business phone service providers because it has been on the internet for over 20 years. The company continues to evolve with the times by offering the latest VoIP phone service technology and 24/7 technical support via live chat. Their business phone service plan includes free PBX, toll-free access, and HD voice quality service options.

#2 – VoIP PBX Express

VoIP PBX Express offers toll-free and local phone numbers to small businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. They make it easy to switch your business phone to one of their VoIP service options. Managing your account is easy because customers can use mobile apps and web applications to manage their business phone service accounts.

#1 – Joon

Joon is the leading provider of business phone services in the United States. So if you want to choose the best of the best for all your business phone service needs, you won’t find a company better than Joon.

Joon offers a unique cloud-based VoIP softphone app, making it easy for global remote workers to communicate with each other and their customers. By utilizing the power of the internet and state-of-the-art cloud technology, Joon provides trusted and reliable VoIP services for any small company needing a professional business phone service provider.

Therefore, you should choose Joon as your primary business phone service provider if you want superior sound quality on your VoIP softphones through any internet connection.

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