Top 5 Best Lead Generation Tools for Growth Marketers in 2022

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Lead Generation in Growth Marketing

As distinct from traditional marketing, which is engaged in trading products and services of a particular company, growth marketing presents a more holistic service. Growth marketing, or growth hacking, strategies influence real-time and relevant data. It is focused on permanent testing and unconventional solutions, which may result in extensive growth in the short run. 

Here are the critical boons of modern lead generation:

Well, not really half bad, right?

Generally, in marketing, tactics that attract prospects to your business and get people interested in your brand so that they become your paying customers are commonly referred to as lead generation. Lead generation is primarily involved with the awareness marketing stage, contributing significantly to successful growth hacking. This process lets you capture prospective buyers long before they make a purchase, so, first, you can gain their trust, build specific relationships, and accompany them until they are ready to buy.

For example, if you provide field service scheduling, you might want to provide assets like this roofer salary guide to give roofing business owners salary information that will help them hire top talent (and get them familiar with your brand).

In this regard, there appears an urgent need to implement specific automation tools making lead generation turn into shooting fish in a barrel for your growth marketers. 

Best LG Tools in 2022

1. Facebook Lead Ads

It is a native format that allows you to capture data from users in 2 simple clicks (tap taps) without leaving Facebook, without waiting for the loading time of an external page, you simply click on the post, enter the required data (most usually preloaded).

This reduces the time and friction given by having to switch to an external environment (usually the landing page where the data is collected), allowing the user to sign up for a newsletter, participate in a promotion, request more information about an initiative in seconds and in a mobile-friendly manner.

2. Unbounce

When we talk about landing page building, the first lead generation tool that comes to a growth marketer’s mind is Unbounce. It is commonly used by both beginners and most advanced builders of attractive landing pages. Being one of the mightiest all-around builders, Unbounce supports A/B testing to see which designs perform best. It helps you increase conversion and revenue from your web pages in the most excellent way. The service seamlessly complements other software your growth marketing team commonly uses.

Unbounce offers a monthly subscription for $90-$225 with free use for the first 14 days. 

Essential values:

  • Fast and easy page building;
  • A hosted service, no soft to install;
  • Real-time reporting update.


  • No 24/7 support;
  • Pricey for a standalone service;
  • No tool to build websites.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an indispensable tool for capturing and saving leads from LinkedIn right to your CRM, which updates with data validation. The service is designed for sales experts and efficiently enhances trust in your brand among prospective clients and buying customers. It offers a forceful set of search tools and extended network access to find the right people. The service helps you prioritize and designate lead and account recommendations and sales first choices. Apart from that, advanced plans provide bespoke features like CRM sync and integrations. 

The platform can be used in a prepaid plan starting from $80 per month with a free demo.

Essential values:

  • Great targeting and engaging;
  • Recommendations on sales preferences;
  • Remote access and sales organization. 


  • A high-cost software tool;
  • It takes time to get search results;
  • The interface needs to be adapted to.

4. Everwebinar

This potent automation tool may come in handy when it comes to evergreen webinars creation. Everwebinar allows you to generate oodles of leads in dynamics with one recording. The service provides multiple features to create a sort of real-time content and engaged audience, for instance, the ability to add live polls, comments, and questions right when the viewer sees your content. This process recreates users’ live experience and allows your customers to meet you ‘face to face.’ The platform helps you increase engagement and attendance by making your viewers feel involved. 

Everwebinar provides a yearly plan for $499 and a biennial subscription for $874, offering a free demo.

Essential values:

  • Fully automated webinar campaigns;
  • Advanced analytics and tracking;
  • Live chat moderation when necessary.


  • No monthly pricing;
  • No compiling interactions overview;
  • Needs extra soft for live webinars.

5. Quora  

Quora allows you to identify questions from your target audience and provide well-informed responses to your potential customers, increasing awareness of your brand, goods, and services. The platform presents a massive forum for those asking questions to receive detailed, high-quality answers. This type of communication helps future visitors find answers and may drive potential leads to contact your company. If you link your account to other social media, your Quora blog will also be shown on those channels. With all its features and options, Quora is both customer service and a reputation management tool. Subscribers will be glad to find out this platform is free.   

Essential values:

  • Identifies industry influencers;
  • Helps consumers discover your brand;
  • Free use.


  • Flawed moderation system;
  • Information validity lack;
  • Answers from anyone.

6. Overloop (formerly

A modern sales automation service, Overloop smoothly integrates with most software, emphasizing unbound marketing strategies. The service is powerful and easy to use, focusing mainly on selling to influencers and decision-makers and developing a great sales process for your team. The library of templates and variables comes in handy to successfully create and automate your drip campaigns. The system tracks clicks on links, emails opens, conversions, and replies. Overloop helps you increase the sales team productivity and capture new leads based on the platform’s events.

The service provides access to all features for $99 per month and offers you to start with a 14-day free trial.

Essential values:

  • User-friendly, attractive website;
  • Helpful customer support;
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Pricey, no free trial;
  • Lack of online reviews;
  • The email finder is not perfect. 

7. is one of the successful tools for lead generation that allows you to create forms, surveys, and quizzes. Since it has a mobile application, users can create forms or surveys whenever and wherever they want. You can also benefit from many various question types while preparing quizzes so you can entertain your prospect until the end of the quizzes.

Moreover, offers almost all its advanced features in its free plan. By using pre-made templates, users don’t need to write a line of code. As a result of the surveys, forms, and quizzes you create, you will be able to get a lot of information about your potential customers because provides you with a detailed analysis.

Essential values:

  • More than +600 ready-made templates 
  • No additional fee when accepting payments
  • Customization options in advanced features, such as conditions, calculator
  • Up to 1 TB of file storage


  • Only Stripe and PayPal are available 
  • Limited responses in the free plan


Lensa shares how “a thorough understanding of IT skills, including the digital domain” is critical for marketers. Successfully utilizing lead generation tools falls under this. Another key consideration that blends the IT and demand generation houses is the data privacy, access control security, and governance put in place for these tools, since they provide entry to some of the most sensitive information for a business. We know you know it: lead generation is a tough row to hoe. Still, it is indispensable for modern businesses to maintain a significant level in sales and revenue. 

To find some measure of peace in this work, use your business goals to guide you in picking the lead generation tool that best supports your growth marketing strategies. Whichever LG tool you think will suit your growth marketing team, we hope you will brilliantly succeed in your business and boost your brand as much as possible. If you’d like to discover more lead generation tools that lead gen experts swear by, check out the reviews on Pearl Lemon Leads.

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