Top 5 career counselling companies in India

A career decision is one of the significant decisions we make in life. Some face difficulty choosing a career because of the numerous options and newly emerging career fields. On the other hand, many do not know more than seven domains and contain themselves and their generation to opt for a career path only from that bubble. They do not wish to explore outside the box. Worldwide we have more than 250+ careers and 3000+ career options. People tend to get influenced by random suggestions from their parents, relatives, and friends. Herd mentality is another dangerous problem from which students, graduates, and working professionals suffer. A simple example of mob mentality is a student picking up a law course just because his friend did or a graduate joining the same company as his colleague. It might sound simple, but the fact is, it could doom their lives. Our strengths, personalities, interests, and passion do not match with others. You might be skilled in one thing, and your friend might be good at something else. So, blindly following others’ steps does not benefit you.

What is the solution?

We need to take professional help. Experts who give career suggestions and make recommendations are known as career counselors, and the process is known as career counseling. Career counseling is a structured procedure that helps in knowing oneself better. It helps discover and weigh an individual’s interests, passion, strengths, weaknesses, skills, values, personality, and performance levels. The components of career counseling are qualified and certified career counselors, a client, a safe and secure environment, and confidentiality. There are many types of career counseling sessions. It helps make illuminated career choices for oneself regarding personal, educational, and career life. 

Benefits of career counseling:

The merits of career counseling are listed below.

  • Career counseling helps identify individuals’ strengths and weaknesses and know their core potential, capacities, and abilities.
  • Career counseling helps set targetable, achievable, and centric goals and lists the plans and strategies to attain them within a specific time. It upholds that life without ambition is an endless journey without a destination.
  • Career counseling eliminates all career-related confusion and fear by equipping clients with necessary information regarding careers, opportunities, scopes, etc.
  • Career counseling exposes clients to different career options worldwide and broadens their perspectives. It makes people aware of enormous occupations.
  • It acts as a hand, supports clients’ career aspirations, motivates them to follow their passion, and guides them to gain the specific skillset required for the career of their choice.
  • Careers counseling helps individuals get a job by assisting them in job search, resume building, interview preparation, upskilling, etc.
  • Career counseling helps individuals gain life, social and personal development skills. It enhances their overall personalities by improvising their decision-making and critical thinking skills, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-management. Career guidance induces self-exploration and self-realization among people. 

Here’s the list of the top five career counseling companies in India:

Career guidance is a need of the hour for students, graduates, and working professionals. Listed below are the leading companies in India offering career counseling services.

  • Mentoria
  • Mere Mentor
  • Edumilestones
  • Mindler
  • iDreamCareer

1. Mentoria

Mentoria stands first in the top career counseling companies in India, sailing with the motto, ‘Clutter To Clarity.’ Founded by Nikhar Arora, the company has been in the career counseling domain for more than eight years. The process flow of Mentoria is psychometric assessments, career counseling, career information, and webinars. The products of Mentoria are 8th to 9th, 10th to 12th, college graduates, and working professionals. The other programs of Mentoria include CV building, certification career counseling programs, and school, college, and corporate partnerships. The psychometric assessments of Mentoria are holistic and help people know their interests, personalities, and abilities.

2. Mere Mentor:

Mere Mentor is the best career counseling company in India. It stands first in the list of top Career Counselling Companies in India. It has been in the counseling domain service for over a decade and counting, intending to provide the best career guidance to students, graduates, and working professionals. Founded by Saurav Kumar S, the team of Mere Mentor works to engrave youths’ career journeys and sails with the motto, ‘Pathway To You Passion.’ It is the first-ever counseling company in India to introduce Ai and ML-based game-based psychometric assessments. The process flow of Mere Mentor is 5-dimensional psychometric assessments, career assessment reports, individual or group counseling sessions, generalized or customized action plans, expert connections, a digital career library, and end-customer support. The products of Mere Mentor are 8th to 9th, 10th to 12th, college graduates, and working professionals. The psychometric assessments include interest, personality, and aptitude tests; multiple and emotional intelligence tests; career indicators; conflict and decision-making scales; learning styles; and job satisfaction. The company also includes many other programs like teacher training, skill enhancement, setting up enhancement centers, leadership training, career counseling certification programs, early childhood care, education-creative learning centers, etc.

3. Edumilestones:

Edumilestones is the second-ranking career counseling company in India. It has been in the career counseling field for over a decade and counting. Founded by Ankit Agarwal and Vipin Prasanth, the company aims to create an efficient and reliable career counseling ecosystem. The process flow of Edumilestones is 5-dimensional psychometric assessments, career assessment reports, and career counseling sessions. The product assessments include 8th to 10th, 11th to 12th, college graduates and working professionals, subject selectors, engineering stream selectors, multiple intelligence, learning styles, and personality tests. The other programs comprise a career counseling certification program, career workshops, career labs, etc.

4. Mindler:

Followed by Edumilestones, the Mindler company bags the third-ranking post in India’s top career counseling venture. Founded by Prateek Bhargava, the company has been in the counseling field for the past eight years. It sails with the motto to shape the career guidance landscape by empowering students, educators, and parents. The process flow of Mindler is psychometric assessments, career assessment reports, counseling sessions, mind maps, and expert connections. The products of Mindler comprise 8th to 9th, 10 to 12th, and college graduates. The other programs of Mindler are virtual career internships, overseas career application programs, liberal arts application programs, career development and career advancement programs, partner programs, etc. The psychometric assessments include personality, interests, aptitude tests, and emotional and social intelligence.

5. dream careers:

Dream careers are the fourth largest-career counseling company in India, aiming to make career counseling accessible to all. Founded by Ayush Bansal, the company has been in the counseling field for more than nine years. It sails with the motto, ‘Dream meeting Destination.’ The process flow of dream careers is psychometric assessments, career assessment reports, and career guidance. The products of dream career are 9th to 10th, 11th and 12th, undergraduate and abroad counseling. The other programs for dream careers are certification career counseling programs, partnership programs, etc. The psychometric assessments include interest, personality, and aptitude tests.

Wrap Up:

Career guidance benefits students, graduates, working professionals, and entrepreneurs. It helps them discover their strengths and weaknesses and mold them accordingly to make them choose a suitable career. It is high time for people to realize that career counseling is necessary and not a luxury.

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