Top 5 Free Files Managers for Android You Need to Try

Our Android devices already come with multiple useful pre-installed apps, and one is File Manager. But sometimes these pre-installed apps could be more powerful and feature-rich. This default file manager Android app performs basic functions such as copying, pasting, erasing, and moving files. 

So to get you better options there are a plethora of File Manager apps that are available on Google Play Store. But to have multiple options can also be tricky as which file manager is best for your Android device or which best file manager performs multiple functions to make your work easy. 

There are file manager apps that perform multiple functions such as sorting files, ScanDoc, PDF Reader, ShareOn feature, Clean Master, and much more. In this blog, you can select or explore the best file manager apps for Android devices according to your preferences and needs. 

Best & Free File Manager Apps for Android

Following are the best and most free file manager apps for Android that help you in file searching, sharing, file organization, file management, cloud storage integration, file encryption, and much more.

  • Files by Google

Files by Google has an easy and intuitive user interface. This file manager app contains three tabs such as Clean, Browse, and Share. In the clean section, you can watch how much memory your Android device has and how much is currently consumed. It also divides your files and folders into multiple sections. 

It also helps you to share files offline securely, fast, and without data. You can find files quickly with easy browsing and even play your downloaded video and audio files with the integrated media player. The files use filters other than folders so your data is organized more intuitively and they sort them by file size to know which data is occupying space. 

  • ASD File Manager

ASD File Manager is a free, flexible, and fast file explorer app that helps you manage your files, folders, and other data. It has a user-friendly interface that helps you to navigate the app easily. You can manage and organize files of multiple formats such as MP3, MOBI, CSV, PDF, BMP, DOCX, HTML, XLSX, M4A, FLAC, and much more. It also allows you to search your files and folders quickly with its organized structure. 

Other than this functionality you can also use other functions such as ScanDoc, Clean Master, Notes, PDF Reader, Callock, Zip files, ShareOn feature, and much more. Generally for these features you have to download a separate app but with the ASD File Manager you can get all these functionalities in one app that takes very little space on your Android device. 

  • File Manager+

File Manager+ is a powerful and easy file explorer for Android devices. This file manager app helps you to manage files and folders easily, NAS (Network-attached storage), and cloud storage. It supports every file management task such as search, open, navigate, copy, paste, rename, delete, compress, transfer, decompress, bookmark, and organize. It also supports media files and other file formats including apk. 

In the File Explorer app, you can manage files and folders on internal storage as well as external storage including SD card, main storage, and USB OTG. You can also access cloud storage and shared storage like NAS and FTP servers and you can even see and manage all applications installed on local devices. There are built-in utilities for fast and best-performance internal image viewer, text editor, and music player.

  • Mi File Manager

Files are displayed in this Mi File Manager for Android’s clean, intuitive interface. With the help of this application, files are automatically sorted by type. You can also view any folder on the device and create new ones as needed. By default, the system files are hidden; however, you can enable their visibility using an app settings option. You have the option to view, share, move, copy, rename, delete, or open a file with another program while you’re choosing it. 

In the File Explorer app files are organized into categories by their format so you can access frequently used apps quickly. You can even view your storage space on your device by deleting junk and cache files. These files and folders can be shared without connecting to the internet. You can also add files and folders to your favorites when viewing files through their system listings. 

  • Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager has a user-friendly interface and has Windows Explorer-like feel. Your files and folders can be swiftly moved, erased, and rearranged. It also gives you the ability to manage cloud, internal, and external storage systems. This file organizer is free to download and has no advertisements. Additionally, it offers strong features for maintaining mobile device organization and file accessibility at all times. 

File management is made easier on the device and in the cloud. Your file can even be compressed with ease. The user interface of this file manager program is simple to use and intuitive. One of the best aspects of the Astro File Manager is its integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and others.

Bonus Tip: How to Manage Your Large Files with the File Manager

We all know managing large files can be a daunting task sometimes and we all rely on our default file manager app. But it fails to perform this task or can’t complete the expectation of your needs. So these third-party file manager apps come to the rescue and perform other functions as well which have given you clarity.  

These best 5 free file managers for Android can manage your large files well not all to solve this dilemma I may recommend Files by Google and ASD File Manager app as they not only manage your large files but also compress them, sort them, and organize them. With the intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can navigate the app and explore all the features easily. You can manage large files by compressing files, deleting unnecessary files, using local network storage, zip files, and much more. 


You must explore the top 5 free file managers for Android that are feature-rich and cater to the multiple needs of users. From intuitive interfaces to robust file organization and seamless navigation, these file managers redefine user experiences. These free file manager apps bring their own unique strengths and features to uplift the managing experience.

This efficient file management continues to grow in the Android device, these apps stand out as valuable tools, to empower users to effortlessly manage and access their files while enhancing overall device functionality. Whether you prioritize simplicity, advanced features, or customization, there is undoubtedly a free file manager on Android that aligns with your preferences and elevates your device management experience.