Top 5 High Stakes Slots Games

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Slots games are arguably the most played games in every casino. In fact, you will find each casino featuring more than 100 slots games. Well, this sounds like a great deal for slots’ punters. Of course, there must be something behind this. With slots games in place, you will get a chance to stake high, unlike other ordinary games. This could be the reason why they are popular. High stakes slot is where you get a chance to stake more than the ordinary games. For example, high slot stakes allow you to stake as high as $300 bet.

As you can see, there is no limit to win big. In case you wish to find the best slots, get the first-hand comparison from statesidebets. Dive in into this read and find the top high stakes slot you can give a shot.

Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer is one of the popular NetEnt titles. With over 1000 slots under its name, none of them beats Jack Hammer when it comes to the maximum you can stake.  The classic comic tales inspire the game and, it is total fun while playing it. In terms of the stake, you can stake as high as $250 per spin. On the other hand, the minimum stake is $0.25 per spin. As you can see, you get double benefits here. Firstly, you get to enjoy the fun of playing a comic slot. Secondly, you will get a lifetime chance of staking as high as $250 per spin. Also, the minimum you can stake is considerable.

While playing the Jack Hammer slot, you will see some notable features such as:

  • Wild. These are symbols that appear during the entire game and have the potential of boosting winning chances.
  • Sticky wins. For any wins in Jack Hammer, sticky wins get activated. The result is massive wins.

On your way to staking high, worry no more about how you will play it. Since it is a mouse and cat game, each of the spins is independent, and it will give you a total of 15 spinning reels. Apart from staking high, you will get other deals such as Jack Hammer free spins.


If you are horror enthusiasts, then you should give Bloodsuckers slot a try. This NetEnt game has a vampire theme, and you can stake as high as you wish.  With just 25 paylines and 5 reels, you can spin from 25p using any device. Also, the stake range is $0.25-$50 per spin with a maximum win of 1014.6 x stake. While playing this slot, you will encounter two bonus features that will help you in winning big.

  • Vampire slaying bonus feature. On your way to claim this bonus, first check out the Hammer bonus feature section. To trigger the bonus, you must land on three or more reels. After triggering the bonus, you will find yourself in a burial chamber with coffins. Interestingly, every vampire you slay will reward you with a cash prize. If you find a bat in the coffin, the bonus feature will end. The maximum stake for this feature is 203.2 times your stake.
  • Free spin feature. Another great deal that allows you to stake high is Jack Hammer free spin feature. For you to win the cash prize, you must land or 2 or more vampire symbols on the reels. In case you land on 2 scatter symbols, you will get a prize of 2x stake prize. In the case of 3, you will get 4x stake prize + 10 free spins. For 4 scatters, you will get 25x stake prize + 10 free spins. Finally, 5 scatters give you 100x stake prize + 10 free spins.


If you happen to find an online casino without a Starburst slot, then something might be wrong. Starburst is one of the biggest names across online casino games. Also, it is one of the best slot games from NetEnt, a reputable software developer. With Starburst, you can stake as high as $200 bet. On the other hand, the minimum bet is 10 cents per spin. As you can see, this is a high stake since the majority of the slots do not go beyond $200. While playing the Starburst slot, you will get two winning combinations.

  • 1% RTP. Starburst has an amazing return to player of 96.1%. Well, this is above the average, and it is the culture of all NetEnt games.
  • Low volatility. You cannot overlook the game’s variance if you want to stake high and win big. In fact, games with high volatility have huge payouts. Starburst slots stand out from all other slots in that its volatility is high.

Age of Gods: Goddess of Wisdom

Playtech has many goodies, but none matches its special Age of God’s slot. Also, you will find the Age of God slot game in most of the online casinos. This is probably because of its ability to give you a chance to stake high. You will get games such as Zeus, Hercules, Athena, and Poseidon in its progressive jackpot.  Besides, you will get a variety of bonus features such as Athena free game, 4x Age of Gods bonus feature, Zeus free games, Poseidon, and Hercules features. Well, these features give you a starting point to stake high. The maximum you can stake is $250 bets while the minimum is $0.20 per spin. Additionally, you will get a motivating RTP of 95.02%. Another area where you can stake and win big is the Age of Gods’ jackpot feature. See the breakdown here.

  • Power jackpot: $50.
  • Extra power jackpot: $500.
  • Superpower jackpot:$5,000.
  • Ultimate power jackpot. $100,000.

Ghosts of Christmas

Playtech goodies are unlimited. One of them that you don’t want to miss out on is the Ghosts of Christmas slot. This one gives you a lifetime opportunity to stake high and win big. Unlike other normal slots, Ghosts of Christmas gives you a chance to stake as high as $200 per spin. On the other hand, you can stake with a considerable minimum amount of $0.20 per spin. The jackpot is also amazing; it has a whopping $10.000. Additionally, the slot has 5 reels, 20 paylines, and a total of 20 coins. In this slot, you will get the most rewarding symbols, namely Ebenezer Scrooge. The rewards are as below.

  • 2 symbols on the payline, you will get 10 coins.
  • 3 symbols on the payline earn you 200 coins.
  • 4 symbols on the payline, and you’ll get 2,000 coins.
  • 5 symbols on the payline, equals 10,000 coins.

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