Top 5 highest paying slots

The aim of casino games is to, of course, win money. But as any player knows, this doesn’t always happen. Players can improve their chances at success by sticking to a common strategy: play online slot machines with the highest payout percentage. While this may not ensure profit every time, it will result in more significant payouts and thus better odds of winning overall.

Another critical element to take into consideration when choosing online slots is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage.Players should always go for games with higher RTP values–between 96 and 99% would be ideal. For example, in a game with an RTP of 96%, players will receive €96 back for every €100 they wager; consequently, the higher the RTP, means better payouts and chances of winning overall.

5. Twin Joker

The Twin Joker slot game is a unique and fun take on classic casino games. The game includes special features such as the scattered joker, which keep players engaged for longer periods of time. Additionally, the high payout percentage (97.79%) means that there are some brilliant payouts to be had from playing this game – making it number 5 in our top 10 list! The game consists of two separate slots with five lines each; however, players can use the command bar to adjust their bet settings as they see fit.

4. Blood Suckers

NetEnt’s Blood Suckers slot is now available for users to enjoy. With five lines and 25 paylines, this vampire-themed game promises players an exciting experience. In addition to the usual card images, the game also features vampires, garlic cloves, crossbows, books of lore, holy water containers and of course the famous Dracula himself. With a return-to-player percentage (RTP) of 98%, Blood Suckers takes fourth place on our list – meaning that there are only three other slots more rewarding currently in terms if winnings potential for every spin wagered. Players can use the ‘Blood Suckers try it for free’ option or play for real money in a casino where NetEnt games are present.

3.Jackpot 6000

The general theme of theJackpot 6000 slot machine is more modern than most Play’n GO slots, with classic slot machines as its inspiration. All symbols appear in vibrant colors against a black background, making for an eye-catching game design. In addition to its appealing visuals,the game also boasts an upbeat soundtrack that will keep players engaged. The Jackpot 6000 RTP percentage is an astonishing 98.9%, easily placing it in 3rd place among the top 10 best paying slots. Furthermore, players can try it out for free and keep a lookout for the mystery joker symbol. Upon landing on the third line, this triggers a free spin for the player!

2. Mega Joker

In second place, we have the Mega Joker, which is perfect for players who like a mix of classic and unique elements in their gameplay. Even when no feature is activated, the basic mode is still enjoyable. But as soon as wilds, scatters or any other special symbols or features appear on screen, it really steps up its game. The Mega Joker offers a 99% return, high spread and x200 win potential. With a pretty well-balanced math model and the possibility of some big variations , this game always manages to stay interesting .

1.Book of 99

In first place is Book of 99 created by Relax Gaming. This slot features a fascinating comic book take on Greek mythology that will entrance players. Like with all slots from Relax Gaming, the design is beautifully done and Book of 99 does not disappoint in this area. Not only does it look great, but the RTP percentage is also an amazing 99%. That means for every €100 bet, players will average €99 back in winnings.

Do top paying slots guarantee winnings?

While a casino game with a 99% return will greatly improve your odds of winning, casinos will never offer machines with 100% RTP. However, by utilizing this list of the highest paying online slots, players have an edge that most casinos don’t want them to know about. With this extra information, they can play more strategically than when they choose games simply based on appearance or theme. Keep in mind though that even the best paying slots don’t guarantee you’ll make a profit because then there’d be no point in having casinos!

Conclusion on the best paying slots

Although RTP may not be the deciding factor when choosing a slot game, it is still an important indicator. The more spins that are played on a certain machine, the closer the player gets to the specified RTP value. This information can help players determine whether or not an online game is worth betting on.

Since casinos always have the edge in the long run, playing slots shouldn’t be seen as  a way to make money. Instead, it’s an enjoyable activity that might or might not earn the player more than they put in. RTP gives a general idea of payouts, but it can’t predict exactly how much will be paid out at any given time. Whether a game is lucky or unlucky is what ultimately decides its outcome.

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