Top 5 Liquidity Providers in Forex

The forex market scene is ripe with many competitive liquidity sources that offer excellent options for companies of all shapes and sizes. 

To get the finest trading partner, traders and brokers analyse a long list of Forex liquidity providers. We will review this list and evaluate each company’s output to help you make a correct decision. 

Exploring the Liquidity Metric in the Forex Context

Liquidity measures the availability of goods and the willingness of other market players to take the opposite side of the deal. In short, it showcases how easy it is to purchase or sell a tradable asset. This metric has a significant impact on trading efficiency and speed. Liquidity, then, is the ease with which purchase or sell orders may be executed with the least amount of delay. 

Slippage occurs when there is a little delay between when you execute an order and when the market opens or closes it. This is usually the result of poor liquidity ratios in the market.

You can lose out on specific market opportunities or extra profits due to this slight delay. As a result, forex liquidity is essential to overall effectiveness and performance.

Who Are the Top 5 LPs on the Market?

Understanding and evaluating each company’s products and services is necessary in order to choose the best trading provider. Let’s examine the list of FX liquidity suppliers.


Founded in 2014 as a premier multi-asset supplier of white-label solutions, financial instruments, trading options, software, and more, B2Broker is a renowned LP and technology provider.

The firm provides margin trading accounts for Forex, indices, commodities, and solid market funding sources over 1,000 items. Additionally, B2Broker makes it easier to trade CFDs for cryptocurrencies, stocks, and NDFs now, which is a rare offering even in the modern LP market. 

FXCM Prime

FXCM is a premier supplier of forex liquidity, offering a comprehensive variety of services to trading brokers and businesses through an easy-to-use website. The company provides Forex liquidity for over 400 currency pairs through a network of bank and non-bank sources. This diverse pool of offerings allows FXCM to offer fair prices every moment. 

Advanced Markets

Advanced Markets is a US-based, regulated LP with cutting-edge technologies and significant market connections. The business uses a number of funding hubs, which include MatchTrade, OneZero, Gold-i, PrimeXM, and others. Its trading solutions include 16 stock indexes, eight cryptocurrencies, and over 60 currency pairings.

Invast Global

Invast Global is a reliable prime LP that collaborates with hedge funds, financial enterprises, and brokerage firms worldwide. The company’s services include other energy products and seventy Forex pairings. They also offer futures trading for cash indices and commodities, along with DMA services.

Final Thoughts

The trading industry is flooded with tech companies and liquidity solutions that give investors and brokers access to various trading instruments via easily navigable interfaces. 

From the list of the best liquidity providers, select a partner who fits your demands and needs-related services.

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