TOP 5 Magento 2 Google Page Speed Optimizer Extensions

The Magento platform offers plenty of lucrative opportunities for retailers, which makes it the number one choice for many. Although initially, Magento is tuned for excellent performance, an abundance of unused tools, hardware issues, heavy designs, sophisticated Magento themes, and other aspects can slow down the platform’s operation. 

One of the paramount ranking parameters, page loading speed, affects the webstore’s visibility in search results, consumer delight, and, consequently, sales. Professionals claim that pages with speeds from 0 to 2 seconds have the best conversions. Furthermore, 70% of consumers assert that page speed reinforces their willingness to make a purchase.

Therefore, enhancing the performance of your ecommerce space is imperative for your business results. We’ll review the top Magento extensions to help you in this endeavor.

Reliable Magento 2 extensions to expedite your store’s pages

The following capable tools go together with all-encompassing installation guides, making them friendly even for non-tech-savvy users.

Google Page Speed Optimizer – for a quicker browsing experience

This extension utilizes advanced code and graphics optimization methods to quicken your store. Straightforward and efficient, it supercharges browsing for your consumers and bolsters your digital presence.

The fundamental features include the following:

  • Creation of JavaScript bundles established for effective browser caching;
  • Minimization of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to streamline your site’s code;
  • Facilitated picture loading;
  • Leveraging Preconnect and DNS-prefetch steps up content loading from external domains.

WebP – for picture optimization

Heavy graphics can decelerate site operation. Reducing the visual size without significant quality sacrifices is time-consuming, including compressing images, altering their format, and more. 

The WebP extension automates picture conversion and reduces visuals by about 60%. 

The essential characteristics of the tool include:

  • Quality preservation;
  • The support of animation and transparency, which raises compression efficiency;
  • Extensive browser compatibility;
  • Fast decoding, which enables faster image loading on web pages.

AMP – for mobile optimization

With booming m-commerce, a smooth mobile experience becomes crucial for consumers. 

AMP is a comprehensive plugin for Magento 2 that aids in elevating all Core Web Vitals parameters, a significant page assessment factor by Google. The tool grants such features as:

  • Creation of super swift mobile versions of your ecommerce space;
  • Optimized visuals and lazy-loading components;
  • An expeditious mobile AMP theme, completely adjusted to CWV;
  • Caching for instant loading;
  • Responsive design, allowing for optimal operation regardless of the screen size.

LiteMage Cache – for built-in page cache

The tool employs LiteSpeed Web Server’s built-in cache to spur your store. The extension can handle HTTPS and HTTP/2 requests and cache all components in one app.

  • Edge Side Includes (ESI) support that enables a separate caching of dynamic content;
  • Browser-side storage reduces the need to fetch resources from the server on subsequent visits;
  • Image and mobile optimization.

Lazy Loading – for a lazy load method and picture optimization

A Lazy Loading extension displays the visuals only when they appear in the user’s sight, thereby accelerating the site. Ultimately, this drives visitor journey, Core Web Vitals, and SEO assessments.

The primary tool’s benefits include:

  • Adjustable configurations, empowering you to customize the solution’s functionality;
  • Background loading of visuals and assets;
  • Support for external media elements like embedded videos or frames’.

In conclusion

Magento integration is only one of the steps toward a winning ecommerce site. Magento 2 

extensions for page speed optimization are crucial for amplifying an online store’s operation and becoming prioritized by consumers and search engines alike.  

Experts at WebMeridian will help you identify the most suitable options from the best available tools for your particular case. We’ll ensure that your store operates at the maximum possible speed, leading to greater traffic, SEO rankings, conversions, and, ultimately, your profits.  

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