Top 5 most comfortable and efficient trucks

Powerful engines and comfortable cabins are what we look for when buying a truck. However, logistics companies will place a big emphasis on energy efficiency, particularly with the recent rises in fuel prices.

So, below is a list of the 5 best trucks.

Iveco S-Way

Iveco is known around the world as being a leader in commercial vehicles that spearhead engineering technologies. Be it for firefighting or logistics and cargo, Iveco trucks you can rely on. With a permanent stock of heavy-duty Iveco trucks, it’s worth taking a look at the broad range that Iveco offers.

However, the S-Way tops the list for offering a new era of onboard living. With incredible performance and world-class fuel efficiency, the S-Way offers both diesel and natural gas engines. The diesel engines range from 330hp to 570hp, though the natural gas versions are impressively quiet and clean.

There are a whole host of smart features in the S-Way, from anti-idling to rich onboard comforts.

Mercedes Benz Actors Edition 2

Mercedes always grab attention when they release a new truck, and the Actors Edition 2 is no different. The break horse power ranges from 421 to 625, with 40 additional interior and exterior options and a ton of LED lighting.

The premium interior has a bunch of configurations to accompany its fifteen point six zero six-cylinder diesel. There are leather seats, massage control, and a general luxury feel.

Volvo FH & F16

Volvo has a new generation of trucks that seem to cover it all, from a high-end 750bhp to voice control and electronic braking. The new Volvo trucks come with a diver cabin that expands by a cubic meter on the outside, giving a very roomy feel, but somehow manages to have updated aerodynamics too for more efficiency.

Something that Volvo has put more thought into is their tech, with a HD 15-inch dashboard smart wheel along with lane assist and collision prevention. The 9-inch entertainment system is close to the driver with steering wheel button navigation and even voice control, so the driver can keep their eyes on the road.

Iveco Daily 4×4

We have already covered the reliability and reputability of Iveco, but for something a little different, they offer a 4×4 truck with a single cab that just about fits into car license territory, being 4,495 Kg.

The off-roader has great configurations and a ton of adaptability. This would be great on a farm, although it can seat a whopping 7 people. It sits 2,630mm off the rubber and could be used for a lot of different applications, being both nimble and powerful.

Nikola Tre Truck

So, whilst it seems like a long time coming, the release of the Nikola Tre truck seems to be just around the corner, with shipping due to start at the end of 2023. It’s difficult to rate the truck prior to its release, but it’s something that needs to be talked about.

The Nikola Tre will be an electric truck, but with an impressive 350 miles of range. With only a 120-minute charge time and 645hp, the truck seems to be venturing into unchartered territories that could revolutionise short-haul trucks. Of course, there will be a whole host of smart features, but the 753 kwh battery pack steals the show, giving food for thought to some of its fuel-based competitors.

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