Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Villa in Goa

India is a wonderful dream country where an enjoyable exotic vacation is guaranteed. Therefore, Goa is the best place for a relaxing getaway filled with positive emotions. Sandy shores, delicious seafood, tranquil and luxurious life…you’d be lying if Goa wasn’t on your mind. However, accommodation issue always arises when it comes to planning a trip, isn’t it? So, if you’re still wary of checking into a hotel and would rather have a space to yourself (a villa for rent in Goa with a pool and maybe a beach thrown in), we have some suggestions for you. 

Here are the top 5 reasons you should rent a villa in Goa.

1. Budget-friendly luxury

Experienced tourists are certain that renting a hotel room in Goa is unreasonable and expensive. Some may even advise and recommend renting a villa in Goa, which may cost the same money, but it would be far more comfortable to have your own ‘holiday house.’ Moreover, in most cases, such accommodation facilities are separate full-fledged houses of one or more floors located on the first coastline.

In addition to the space and territory, the comfort of a villa for rent in Goa is provided by its swimming pool and sun terrace. Imagine having breakfast on your terrace and enjoying coffee, stunning views, and calm.

Besides, you can always arrange a meeting with the hosts at the airport, so you don’t need to waste your time and money on transfer and accommodation procedures! Moreover, you can rent a villa for both the long and short term (Tip: long-term rent would be more profitable). The last perk: you can book your villa online (even right now)! 

2. The best beach options

Goa is located on one of the longest coastlines in the world. So here you will find both equipped beaches and wild ones. When choosingg a beach to relax in Goa, you should remember that the recreation areas are located on the state’s northern and southern coasts. South Goa is for tourists who appreciate a relaxing beach and family vacation, and North Goa is for young people who want to join the vibrant local nightlife. All the beaches of Goa are state-owned, so everyone can relax.

House rent is another important point when planning your trip and choosing between South and North Goa. Hotels usually are located on the first coastline, but to book it, you need access to special websites, and you may even face some language barriers (when choosing an authentic, local hotel). Therefore, a villa for rent in Goa remains a good option.

3. Perfect meditation and total relaxation

Indian medicine Ayurveda is an effective remedy for most diseases provoked by a fast-paced lifestyle. Thus, Goa allows you to eliminate annoying symptoms of headache, tension, and stress. Spa treatments give you the opportunity to relax, recharge and relieve tension. Meditation will clear the thought stream and fill it with restorative power.

What becomes your home when you are on holiday? Yes, your rental apartment. Thus, a villa for rent in Goa has a good chance to become your ‘holiday home’ where you will feel safe and ready to focus on restoring your soul and body.

4. Personal space

Psychologists say that personal space helps us to reduce stress and stay focused, it helps people to feel safe and comfortable. Everyone has their zone considerations. Not every hotel can research their guests’ customs before arrival and present themselves as knowledgeable and respectful.

Moreover, you must understand how different people interact with each other if you are traveling to a new country and living in an international hotel. Thus, a villa for rent in Goa seems a good option to save you from miscommunication.

5. Ideal for family holidays

A villa for rent in Goa is suitable for those who have holidays with family or friends and does not want to deal with the hotel’s daily routine. In this case, a villa for rent in Goa is more convenient and profitable than a hotel. Moreover, those, who want to stay away from the tourist bustle, may also find villas for rent in Goa very convenient.

Wrapping it up, the small Indian Goa state is one of the most popular places for beach holidays among tourists. Holidays in Goa are very diverse and meet the needs of all types of tourists, so the resort and beach you choose depend on the purpose of the trip. Some tourists go to Goa to visit the famous beach parties, others to sunbathe and swim in the waters of the Indian Ocean, others plan to relax with their children in a quiet place, and others want to see local natural and historical attractions. Nevertheless, all of them need to find a perfect accommodation. Prices vary and depend directly on the season, coastline, and comfort level. Don’t hesitate to visit to find your ideal ‘holiday home’. Click on the option you like: book online or contact the managers from the booking department.

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