Top 5 Tools To Boost Productivity At Work:

Decisiveness is one of the most crucial qualities that you need to have in this contemporary workplace. It is filled with so many things which can interrupt you like an email notification popping up or co-workers coming to you just to talk and scrolling on social media, etc. While some of these distractions may not be avoidable, the right methods and techniques are the keys for enhancing your productivity by a very significant degree. 

Here are 5 of the top tools to help you minimize distractions, stay focused, and get more high-quality work done everyday:

  1. Time Tracking Software

It is really one of the most important tasks to do to manage the business in case you can trace your current time-spending. Time tracking applications run in the background while you are working on your computer and gather data about every application and the websites you use and the time you spend on each item. At the close of a week or a month, look into reports for the exact time where you spent. Make sure you are not in some other “tasks“ like scrolling social media or even playing online casino games, these software can take screenshots of what you are doing in any given time,

It is so simple to identify, for instance, the instances where you spend so much time and there is not much to show for it, or time when you are distracted. This data could help you to apply a method of blocking distracting websites via a timed blocking program during working hours, identify a daily time limit for emails, and find other different ways to streamline your routine. The time tracking software that many people love to use include RescueTime, Toggl, Timely and others. In addition, they usually include data that comes from other software.

  1. Todoist 

Todoist stands out among popular task management apps that help you stay focused on projects and organize priorities, as well as create tasks lists. Packed with the incredible functions like a timeline display, a one-click search, reminders, notifications, etc., Todoist allows you to manage timelines, delegate work, and obtain complete information on what you should prioritize at a particular time. 

This feature is also supported by integration with a bunch of common applications: Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, all the way to Trello and others. It is, consequently, possible for you to seamlessly move emails or events that need to be followed up on into tasks in Todoist by simply choosing the appropriate option. Rather than having scattered key tasks all over, having a centralized place where you store all your projects, saves mental clutter and brain power can be used on pertinent work matters.

  1. Freedom

Freedom undoubtedly is the most used website blocker and so far the most effective one in the market. It functions by putting the block on unproductive websites and applications – those that are really time-consuming, such as social media, e-commerce, game sites, forums etc. Just choose the ones you feel are the most bothersome to you and set your scheduled “Freedom Sessions” when all those sites are being blocked for the given time duration. 

If in the past you had just drifted from one site to the next without thinking about it, you now would have the chance to concentrate on a more important task. Freedom therefore deprives a person from contemplating /thinking [not sure of the synonym of deduction], which usually takes place before putting off a task. You can establish time for accomplishing the given tasks and goals during each Freedom session, so you keep productivity at a high level.


One of the productivity drainers that still exists in our digital era is taking notes by hands in meetings and calls. wants to bridge the gap by offering the participants with note-worthy meeting notes that are extraordinarily comprehensive. The software works together with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and other apps that can listen to conversations. 

It relies on AI to transcribe the conversation in real time and also employs speaker identification and audio highlighting to create shareable notes associated with audio snippets. The searchable transcripts and audio clips save lots of time spent on searching for the essential discussion points and decisions among the many ideas, opinions, and issues covered in a single meeting. It will work towards enhancing awareness on insights you may had overshadowed in the heat of the moment 

  1. Focus@Will

Music can act as a productivity boomer or buster, and this rides on the type of music and when it is played. Attention@Will makes a step change in a web and mobile app that broadcasts carefully selected, specially created music, with the purpose to increase focus and eliminate distractions. 

The unique sound created by a team of researchers and neuroscientists and repetitively play during the work is intended to induce a certain state of “flow”. Unlike the usual music that can be very distracting, lyrical videos control the part of the brain responsible for attraction and attention span while avoiding anything that could cause fixations. Getting yourself in the correct audio surroundings will train your brain to rely on it, shut out unnecessary background noises, and consequently will help you work better for a longer time.

The Bottom Line

The productivity is said to be accomplished if the individual succeeds in doing the most important activities and reducing the unwanted things and fluff. The aforementioned 5 tools will help you to regulate your work habits, avoid digital trailers, create your cinematic environment, and relieve you of the hectic tasks. Setting the foundations straight on the basic activities may determine whether your focus will be on the major functions that deliver satisfying results. 

Try your hand at it and you will understand how you can introduce a time gap in today’s life for improving focus and flow each moment of the day. As a result, your Eureka moment is evolving just as you do. Ultimately, the small wins will help you to reach a state of ever more continuous productivity.

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