Top 5 Tools to Understand the Behavior of Your Website Users

If you want to optimize your website and improve your conversion rate, the most crucial point is to understand your website users’ behavior. The more you try to understand your website users’ behavior, the better informed you will be in making meaningful decisions to enhance your web page. Thus, you will provide a better UI/UX experience for your users, improving your marketing strategies at a considerable level. 

However, making sense of visitors’ behavior on your website and understanding analytical data may sound complicated and confusing for you. But, don’t worry! Some user activity tracking tools can help you evaluate the actions of users visiting your website quickly and conveniently. Therefore, continue reading this post to find out more about the top five tools that can significantly assist you in understanding the behavior of your website visitors for making necessary improvements.

  • WatchThemLive 

WatchThemLive is one of the best website visitor tracking tools on the market that can provide you with valuable information on user behavior. Apart from insightful analytics (visitors, page views, sessions, referrers, psychographic segmentation) and real-time data, it also has two other useful features:

  • Session Replays 

Session replays let you record website visitors to gain a fundamental understanding of how users behave on your website. It helps you identify problems, optimize UX, and ultimately increase conversions. 

Session replays enable you to see every single move of your visitors, like mouse movement, clicks, rage clicks, and more. It’s as if you’re standing right behind your visitors and taking a close look at their screen to see what they exactly are doing when visiting your website. 

Watching session replays is the most straightforward way to learn how users behave because you don’t have to worry about deciphering numerical data. As such, you can easily find out what catches users’ attention on your website, what makes them leave, what distracts them from converting, and so forth. Please keep in mind that session replay provides all this information without violating the privacy of your online visitors.

Using session replays helps you notice what is wrong with your website and fix it as quickly as possible. Session replays allow you to see what problems users encounter, and more importantly, help you figure out what’s causing them. With the help of this website visitor tracking tool, you can offer better customer service and improve your CRO strategies rapidly. 

  • Heat Mapping 

If you are looking for a more effective way to improve your website and conversion rate, a website heatmap is what you need. Heatmaps are visual representations of your website visitors’ actions like clicks, taps, scrolling, mouse movement, etc. WatchThemLive click maps show you the most and least engaging web page parts. Therefore, you can easily understand whether you have placed the essential elements, like links and CTAs, on your webpage effectively or not?  

Heatmaps are very popular among digital marketers for analyzing user behaviors because they offer valuable insights at just one glance. They can simplify complex data so that even non-professionals can easily understand them. 


  • Google Analytics 

Google Analytics (GA) can help you understand user behavior to improve the overall user experience. This platform provides some reports that let you learn more about your audience and their behavior. Google also has released a heatmap based on Google Analytics data through a chrome extension called page analytics. Google Analytics heat map takes very little time to set up and is easier to use. 

However, the Google Analytics heat map doesn’t appear to be working for many users. GA’s heat-mapping feature isn’t as detailed and comprehensive as WatchThemLive’s. WatchThemLive (WTL) provides a great variety of filters and customization opportunities than Google Analytics Heat Mapping. Therefore, WatchThemLive is our top priority among the best landing page optimization tools for FREE. 

  • Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is another web visitor tracking service available in digital marketing that records and analyses user behavior to improve your site. It provides eye-tracking tools like heatmaps, scroll maps, and other visual information to show how your customers interact with your website. Moreover, it allows you to do A/B testing so you can test new ideas and generate more conversions and revenues from the traffic you receive. It is easy to use and highly customizable.

Crazy Egg enables you to see where your visitors are looking, what they are clicking, and how they are scrolling on your site. As a result, you can determine where you should concentrate your efforts.  This tool also allows you to segment clicks by the source to assess your links’ effectiveness. Crazyegg does not have a free plan, but all the plans give you a 30-day free trial. Nevertheless, according to some customer reviews, Crazyegg’s customer support is relatively weak, and its implementation can slow down your page load.     

  • FullStory

FullStory is an excellent user behavior analytics tool that allows you to understand your website users’ behavior. With the help of this tool, you can immediately find out what areas on your site are creating problems for your website users. Additionally, you can identify the areas that have the most impact on your conversion and retention rates. Therefore, you can prioritize the improvements you need to make. 

FullStory offers a free trial, which is a positive point. But, FullStory can be a bit slow or laggy. Moreover, its recent price increase of 450% seems excessive to startups and young companies. Please note that FullStory charges by session, not unique users. So if someone comes back again after 30 minutes, it counts as another session!

  • Outfunnel 

Outfunnel is the last reliable web visitor tracking software on our list that can be of assistance in gathering valuable information about your website visitors. The tool will notify you when leads visit your website so that you can see their interests and approach them when they are warmest. Its web tracking feature is great for understanding prospects’ intent and improving your sales funnel. Outfunnel also provides you with many other features, such as analytics, lead management, segmentation, and reporting. 

Outfunnel customers receive very responsive and helpful support. The Live Chat feature makes it easy to get answers fast. Yet, its functionality is a little limited if your business demands are more sophisticated and complex.  


This post introduced the top five tools that can help you optimize your website and convert more traffic into customers. Using the right tool will allow you to improve the overall website experience for your visitors and remove the barriers that cause visitors to leave your website. Thus, taking advantage of the right tool is not optional but necessary for online business success. 

There are many web visitor tracking tools on the market, but you should be careful to choose the right one for your website to stay ahead of your competitors. Selecting the best tool and using its comprehensive, advanced technology in one place will allow you to maximize the conversions and profits from your website. If appropriate, depending on your business goals, you may even need to use a combination of a few to achieve your desired outcome better. 

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