Top 5 tools to use for your remote team

Why is the remote team popular today?

Remote working means working from a distance. The people perform their duties without being at the place of their duty. It is interesting to note that there is no difference in duty, performance, efficiency, discipline, and devotion of the employees. Initially, the system of remote working was adopted by the organizations that had to deal with numerous employees working at a distance from the managers and executives. Online education is also a well-known form of remote work where students and teachers interact while being in a distant place. The use of information and communication technology facilitated the monitoring of the workers and the progress of the projects effectively. 

The use of technology for Remote team

The team is the name of collaboration and coordination. Groups of workers join hands to work for a single cause. Individual efforts of the team members integrate to complete the large projects. This collaboration demands strict and efficient monitoring to ensure the smooth flow of the process. The monitoring of this process is not difficult with the use of technology. Collaboration tools are providing an all-in-one workspace to the managers that can modify the plan or ensure the existing instructions according to the situation. 

Top 5 tools

Following are the top five tools to check the efficiency of the remote team. These tools enable the team members to be aware of the team performance, the latest instructions and orders, new assignments, changes, and group communication. 

  • Confluence: It is a web-based project management tool. This tool is effective to manage all the project-related instructions. It allows the management to organize the work in a safe and secure environment. The page facility enables the management of different tasks at the same time without advanced search options. 
  • Remote: Remote is most suitable for organizations that work with people remotely. Payroll and other contract management become easy through the use of remote applications. International work can be organized through this effective tool. 
  • Tresorit: The collaborative cloud-based management system is best to manage the documentation work remotely. This tool provides complete admin control and ensures the privacy and security of the working process. 
  • Proofhub: This tool is widely used by the people who are connected to remote working and want to ensure the performance of the remote team. It provides chanting, discussion, and all the necessary features for effective project management.
  • Basecamp: This tool is considered to be the best choice for the managers, teams, members, organizers, and freelancers who want to manage their remote work efficiently. It ensures collaboration by sharing ideas and discussion regarding the project by keeping in touch all the remote members of the team. 


Remote working is not easy to manage but through the use of information and communication tools, the working pattern has changed. Collaborative and individual instructions can be shared and performance can be monitored. Features of the above-mentioned applications ensure the smooth performance of remote teams when executives are constantly in touch with all the team members. 

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