Top 5 Types of Preroll Cones For Smoking Legal Cannabis

Have you become interested in smoking cannabis now that it is medically legal in Florida? If so, there are many options to be considered when it comes to weed consumption.  While hand-rolling can be challenging to learn for novice users, preroll cones is a healthier way to partake without needing to learn the skill of rolling yourself.

Due to the recent legalization in Florida and many other states, the surge of pre-rolled cones is on the rise and is predicted to continue an upward growth trend in the coming years. Blunt cones are a fast, easy way for new users to dive into the world of smoking weed. They are basically pre-rolled paper or leaves shaped into a convenient cone, which is an excellent alternative for people looking to toke up without the risk of ingesting dangerous chemicals. Most cones will also come with a separate filter option for clean, tobacco-free smoke every time. 

Pre-rolled cones are popular among experienced users, mainly because they are natural, safe, and come in many styles, flavors, and sizes depending on the user’s preferences.  There are many blunt cones available in the cannabis market these days, but they aren’t all created equal.  Before heading over to your local head shop or convenience store, it’s essential to research and compare prior to committing to a brand. Quality, durability, burn time, and flavor are critical aspects to think about when choosing a blunt cone.  Here, we highlight a few popular pre-rolled brands on the market today. 

King Palm Leaf Blunt Cones 

King Palm offers a 100 percent safe and organic preroll cones made of Cordia leaf. The use of Cordia leaf dates back to the early Mayan and Cuban civilizations. It is revered for its natural, lighter-tasting flavor allowing the smoker to enjoy the full flavors of their strain.  The blunt cones also include filter tips, with the options for flavors.  The King Palm is a brand that is dedicated to eco-friendliness and environmental sustainability. They are committed to crafting a unique smoking experience that still honors the ancient traditions. 

In comparison to tobacco cigars, Cordia leaf is non-addictive, nicotine-free, and of the highest quality. It guarantees a slower burn and pairs well with the custom corn-husk filters that offer the user a much cleaner, longer-lasting smoke.  It is more durable than other types of blunt cones, proving its convenience for beginner users.  King Palm is a top blunt cone competitor because they not only value quality but are also environmentally sustainable, beginning with production.  

Raw Hemp Cones

Hemp cones are quickly becoming a cannabis industry favorite for pre-rolled cones.  It is natural and environmentally sustainable, much like the palm leaf but with a more intense flavor profile.  RAW’s organic hemp cones come in regular and king size. 

Expertly manufactured from unrefined, pure hemp without the use of any additives– RAW Organic Hemp Paper is crafted using purified water to give them a natural tan color, a perfect cone shape, and a unique flavor.  The tip of their blunt cones is handcrafted and molded for unfiltered use without wasting cannabis or risking materials coming through while baking. The RAW brand prides itself on utilizing unrefined, organic ingredients with zero plastic use.  

Elements Rice Paper Pre-rolled Cones 

Rice paper is known for its neutral flavor and clean smoke, making it an ideal pre-roll for cannabis users.  Rice paper doesn’t produce ash, providing a sweet and slower cannabis burn. The Element brand combines the natural elements (earth, wind, fire, water) to craft an eco-friendly, ultra-thin rice paper cone.

Elements rice paper preroll cones are crafted from all-natural, sustainable materials. They produce virtually no taste while smoking other than a faint, sweet flavor. These watermarked paper cones prevent runs and offer an even, smooth burn. Elements products are created using wind power from the mountains of a small Spanish region, Alcoy.  Elements rice paper blunt cones are explicitly designed for using with fire, creating a clean, unaltered smoking experience with little to no ash.

Cyclone Hemp Cones

Cyclone is one of the original brands offering flavored cones. This particular style of hemp cone is well-known for its unique taste and burn. The pre-rolled funnel shape allows the user to fill up with their weed quickly and efficiently. It comes with a built-in paper filter tip, a packing stick, and a resealable tube for guaranteed freshness. 

As you begin to smoke the Cyclone cone, the amount of cannabis burned decreases a little bit with each hit.  This allows for a smooth, more even smoking experience for every light up. Cyclone even guarantees that the first hit will taste no different from the last. That’s a powerful claim! 

Mike Tyson and Futurola’s Pre-roll Cones 

Futurola is an established pre-roll cones brand that has teamed up with Mike Tyson to create a state-of-the-art blunt cone. Its official name is TYSON RANCH x FUTUROLA, and it’s quickly making a name for itself among the cannabis community.  The Tyson pre-rolled cone is tobacco-free and infused with natural terpenes inspired by his favorite flavor, The Toad.  

This blunt cone comes in a sleek-designed glass tube donning a picture of the boxing legend himself. Futurola boasts about their minimal yet effective production process and the child-resistant Cone Lock tubes the wraps are placed in once filled. The Mike Tyson blunt cone guarantees no additives are used and comes with a filter for a cleaner, slower burn that is eco-friendly and safe to have around the house. 

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