Top 7 Best Platforms to Learn Blockchain Technology

It has become highly comfortable and efficient for both students and organizations to increase their learning processes, due to the implementation of efficient technologies in a variety of disciplines. Technology has come a long way in modernizing society’s education system, from changing the way students study to improving student assessment standards. Nowadays, it has become so convenient for students to buy the Best Assignment Writers UK -based for their assignments. Not only technology has eased in providing information but now students can learn about new technologies through online forums as well (PES, 2019).

Blockchain Technology is a hot topic right now. As it becomes more widely used and accepted by businesses, there will be an increasing need for people who understand how it works and can implement it effectively in their organizations.

Blockchain is a way of recording and tracking information using cryptography, which allows for transactions across multiple systems to be recorded in a single ledger that cannot be altered or hacked. It has many applications, including cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), supply chain management, and voting. This technology has gained popularity among businesses due to its features such as decentralized control, immutability, transparency, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and security.

Blockchain has been the buzzword of the last few years. Technology has been hailed as the next big thing after the internet, and it seems like everyone is talking about it. However, not many people know what blockchain is, or how it can be used in our daily lives. To understand this new technology, you need to learn how it works and what makes it so special.

Use of Blockchain in different Sectors

Blockchain technology has gained a lot of traction in recent years. It has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate and how we live our lives. It is not only used in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin but also has many other applications such as,

1.     Health Care

Students of Btech Applied science have researched in their Commercial Law Assignment Help that the new trending technology, Blockchain can help in improving healthcare services by creating a transparent record of patient health records. It can be beneficial for patients as it will enable them to keep track of their health records from multiple providers so that they don’t need to carry around multiple pieces of paper every time they visit a new doctor or hospital.

2.     Insurance

Blockchain can revolutionize how insurance companies operate today. It allows insurance companies to share data securely and quickly among insurers and clients without having to rely on third parties for verification purposes.

3.     Real Estate

A blockchain-based real estate platform enables users to invest in real estate assets from anywhere in the world, without having to deal with brokers or other intermediaries who often add additional costs and slow down the process.

Top 7 Best Platforms to Learn Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has become the most sought-after technology in the world and the demand for blockchain developers is growing rapidly. This year alone, there have been more than 3,500 blockchain jobs available on LinkedIn alone.

If you want to build a career in this field then you can choose from a variety of online courses offered by reputed universities and colleges. Here are some of the best platforms where you can learn blockchain technology.

1.     Coursera

Coursera is an online course site with more than 1,000 classes in all areas of study, including blockchain. The site offers users the ability to take courses for free or pay for certificates upon completion. Coursera is a great place to start learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Many courses on the site are free and cover almost every aspect of the technology. The courses are taught by professors from prestigious universities such as Princeton, Stanford, and the University of Michigan. Here is an example of a course called “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies” offered by Princeton University.

2.     EdX

EdX is a nonprofit organization that offers free online classes from top universities around the world. Their blockchain and cryptocurrency course is taught by instructors from MIT, Stanford, and other top schools. The course covers everything from the basics of blockchain technology to more advanced topics like smart contracts and consensus algorithms. One of its most popular classes is called “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies”, which provides an introduction to cryptocurrencies and how they work at a technical level.

3.     Udemy

Udemy is another online course site, which also offers free and paid courses. Udemy has several blockchain-related courses available as well. These include “Mastering Bitcoin” by Andreas Antonopoulos and “Blockchain Applications: Understand the Blockchain Ecosystem” by Jeff Reed.

4.     Codecademy

Codecademy is an online coding school that teaches people how to write code in a variety of languages including Python and JavaScript. Their blockchain course topics offer cryptocurrency mining, Bitcoin basics, smart contracts, and more advanced topics like Ethereum development with Solidity language. Its Blockchain Basics course covers some of the same topics as the EdX course: what a blockchain is, how it works and how it differs from other types of databases or ledgers. The course also provides an introduction to Bitcoin mining, which involves solving complex mathematical problems to earn coins for yourself.

5.     Pluralsight

This platform is one of the best places to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency. It offers a wide range of courses and tutorials that will help you get started with this technology. The best thing about Pluralsight is that it also offers paid subscriptions so you don’t have to worry about ads or pop-ups while learning on this platform. The site has a dedicated category for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT). The courses are organized into categories such as “Blockchain Fundamentals” or “Decentralized Applications Development.”

6.     Future Learn

This platform offers a lot of free courses on many topics including blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and other related subjects. It also offers paid subscriptions so that you can access more courses without any issues. It offers some short online courses on a wide range of topics related to business, technology, innovation, and digital skills development. This course on blockchain technology was developed in partnership with IBM Research Labs and University College London (UCL) and includes videos from experts at IBM Research Labs, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technology (CBT), and CBT partners — the Bank of England, Intel Security Group and Accenture Research Labs — as well as guest speakers from other companies working on blockchain projects. The course consists of eight modules that cover everything from “What is Bitcoin?” to “How does blockchain work?”

7.     Mit OpenCourseWare 

OpenCourseWare is a free and open digital publication of high-quality educational content. This platform was originally developed by MIT, but now it is utilized by many other universities as well. It offers free, rich, and openly-licensed educational materials that support teaching and learning in an open and accessible manner. The Blockchain Fundamentals course is designed to help students understand the basic technical principles of blockchain technology, and how they can be used to build decentralized applications.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How does blockchain work at a high level?
  • The fundamentals of cryptography, economics, and game theory.
  • How cryptocurrencies are mined and how nodes maintain consensus about the state of the ledger.
  • How to create a smart contract using Ethereum programming language Solidity.

Final Note

In the last decade, the blockchain space has experienced rapid growth and transformation. The technology is still in its infancy stage, and there are many opportunities for learning and exploring.

Blockchain technology is a new field, and it’s not easy to understand. There are many aspects of blockchain that people need to learn, and it can be overwhelming for beginners. So, to provide you with the best learning knowledge, the top 7 platforms are discussed which will give you a great learning experience.


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