Top 7 Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol

Giving up on alcohol for even the shortest time has numerous health benefits. These benefits increase when you decide to completely remove alcohol from your system. The gains range from physical to mental and even social. It improves your liver function, your gut health, skin, your social life, and many more. Here are outlined seven health of giving up on alcohol.

  1. Better Sleep

When you quit alcohol, your sleeping routine improves. The periods of insomnia reduce, and you get better sleep. Your two sleep cycles, slow-wave sleep, and REM are not disrupted. So, you are alert. Remember, sleep is very crucial for overall health.

  1. Improved Mood

Alcohol inhibits the intestines from absorbing crucial nutrients that will convert into energy. This, in turn, affects your brain function and mood. When you give up drinking alcohol, you give the chance to the intestines to heal and absorb nutrients. This way, your body gets more energy, and your mood improves.

  1. Reduced Cancer Risk

Alcohol has been associated with different types of cancer like cancer of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, digestive tract, and colon. It has also been associated with liver cancer and breast cancer in women due to hormonal imbalance. So, quitting alcohol puts you a step further from these types of cancer.

  1. Better Memory

Alcohol hinders the Hippocampus. This is a crucial part of the brain that deals with your memory. Once the function of this part is jeopardized, you experience memory loss. When you quit alcohol, you will realize that your memory starts to improve.

  1. Improved Skin Health

If you have noticed, people who drink excess alcohol often have blotchy and red skin. This is mostly because of dehydration. In worst cases, a person also develops eczema. Remember, alcohol suppresses the ability of the body to produce vasopressin. When you drink, you lose a lot of water that is important for different functions. If you want great and well-hydrated skin, it is time to quit drinking excess alcohol.

  1. Weight Loss

One thing you need to know is that alcohol contains a lot of calories. If a bottle contains 100 calories and you take three of them, it means you have taken 300 calories a day. This will read to quick weight gain, and you might even develop a beer belly. Furthermore, excessive drinking affects the ratio of estrogen to testosterone making it hard to gain muscle or lose fat. The fact that you are drinking too much alcohol and exercising less is also another reason to gain weight. So if you want to start losing weight, quitting drinking alcohol is the first important thing you should do.

  1. Healthier Liver

The work of the liver is to clean toxins out of the system. Alcohol is one of the main toxins, and once you start abusing it, you put too much pressure on the liver. Many people who are heavy drinkers have problems like liver cancer and cirrhosis. So, quitting alcohol will reduce the chances of such complications. So giving up on alcohol means a healthy liver.


When you give up on alcohol, these are some health benefits you start to gain. Alcohol takes much of your health, and it is crucial to improve yourself. So, for better sleep. Improve memory, hydration, low risk of cancer, a healthy liver, better skin health, and weight loss, quit drinking alcohol.

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