Top 7 real ways to earn money from bitcoin in 2021

There might be many aspects making their way in the news like that of the Covid-19 pandemic, the death of famous personalities worldwide, elections, etc.; one thing that continues to be there are cryptocurrencies. In the last few years, people developed a large-scale interest in earning cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoins. Various campaigns saw their birth to transmit the knowledge related to how and from where one can get hold of bitcoins. Moreover, the high value of bitcoins makes it a hot product in the market.

While many individuals are cynical about the functionalities of bitcoins, one cannot deny how much of a value it holds. Some people might have a question- can this cryptocurrency which saw its birth through the hands of a fictional individual named Satoshi Nakamoto, helps them make some money? The truth is, yes, bitcoin is a trusted way to earn money.

Now that you know that you can earn money with bitcoins’ help, let us find out how that can be possible. Here we are going to discuss seven real ways to make money from bitcoin in 2021.

  1. Bitcoin trading

You can indulge in trading bitcoins for banking profits. If you can analyze the data charts and have the courage to take risks, this is for you. There are apps like BitQH, which provide a risk-free platform for easy trading.

Day trading: In this, you can indulge in trading throughout the day, similar to a full-time job. You have to participate in at least two trading sessions to open positions for getting small yet regular profits.

Scalping: This is a more active version of day trading where you need to hold positions for a shorter period. Nevertheless, this is a little bit risky.

Swing trading: Under this, you have to swing from one position to another to make sure that you buy at low prices but sell at a higher one.

Position trading: As against the above ones, this requires a trader to hold a position for a longer period, likely weeks or months.

You have to keep a keen watch on the market fluctuations and find the correct time to use your trump card.

  1. Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining involves a process where a miner adds new blocks to the blockchain network of bitcoins by solving the cryptographic puzzles. If you have sound knowledge about how to mine bitcoins and are an expert in high-level computing, mining is your platform to play on.

In the initial stages, when bitcoin was new in the stock market, the miner utilized the opportunity to mine as many bitcoins as possible and filled their pockets with money. However, with the decreasing number of bitcoins, one needs to put in extra effort to get hold of one. As the numbers are reducing, the value of bitcoin is increasing; therefore, mining a bitcoin can help an individual earn quite some money. Various mining companies can take the responsibility off your shoulders. All you need is a one-time investment and then reap the benefits of mining.

  1. Investment in bitcoins

One of the most befitting ways of double your revenue is by investing in bitcoins. If you can analyze the data charts and take some risk for investing, you should go for it. Start investing in bitcoin and keep it up for hold until it generates your desired demand in the market. Once you feel that your bitcoin is in its epitome of demand, you can sell it for an exuberant amount of money.

Before investing in bitcoin, you have to be sure about the future; if you feel that there will be a rise in its prices in the future, investing is the best option. You can invest your bitcoin in various areas such as startups, businesses, blockchain development, etc. however before you invest in any startup, you need to have full-fledged research. Be sure about the documents of the startups and predict where their future lies. You should consult various investment experts before taking such a step. If you are successful, you will hit the jackpot.

  1. Micro-earnings

Micro-earnings might not earn you a treasure trove, but they will give you consistent profits if you know how to handle it properly. You can indulge in micro-earnings through the smallest of activities such as watching videos on youtube or completing various online surveys. Websites like BTC4ADS and Coin adder pay their viewers in bitcoins if they watch their ads. You will get rewards in a tiny amount of bitcoins called Satoshis from such micro-earning websites. One satoshi resembles 100 millionth of a bitcoin. Micro-earning faucets help you earn some money by killing your free time.

Please keep a close watch on the terms and conditions of the ad program. After reading, if you feel that the ad program gives you what you perceive it will, you can go for it. You can invest in some cheap android phones and run such ads on that phone with the help of a wi-fi connection. In this way, you are into a continuous learning process. Ensure that you consider all your required investments and judge whether this is a feasible thing to do.

  1. Lending

It is the easiest way to make money through bitcoins where you need not invest a single penny or put the slightest effort. You can loan out your bitcoins to people against a rate of interest of your choice. You do not lose your bitcoin in such a scenario but keep it on hold with a continuous flow of revenue into your pocket.

However, you have to be careful with whom you are lending your bitcoin. Go for a trusted platform like Unchained capital, Bitbond, BTCpop, etc. who are three of the most trusted platforms for such causes. Lending your bitcoin out to an unauthentic platform can prove to spam and lead to heavy losses. The overall system ensures that the lending process is not a lengthy one and that you have your profits flowing in constantly.

  1. Become an affiliate and earn bitcoins

You can apply various tricks to increase your social media following and use that as a platform for earning good money. Affiliating oneself to a reputed and reliable company that works in cryptocurrency will help you earn lots of money. To make this a possibility, you have to deal with some cryptocurrency companies to promote their products on your social media page against some commission. The company will track your progress to find out whether you are adding to their business. For every customer you provide them with, they will reward you with a decent commission.

If you successfully develop a good network with many people, you can earn a lot of money through such affiliation companies. Just provide the company’s link on your site from where the customers can buy bitcoins. Promote their product in the most convincing of ways to gather as many prospective customers as possible. Before collaborating with any such company, do not forget to check their authenticity; a fake company will cause harm to your ventures.

In case you have good knowledge about the blockchain world, you can indulge in writing sponsored posts on the Bitcoin talk forum- the most reputed cryptocurrency blogging zone. Besides that, an investment in computational power can help you become the master node and power of a bitcoin blockchain. Through all these ways you can earn impressive amounts of money.

  1. Earning bitcoins as payments

Besides mining, lending, and investing, you can earn money by accepting bitcoin as your payment for a particular work you did. You can sign up on websites like Bitfortip, where you can do a wide range of tasks and receive bitcoins as tips for your effort. In this case, you can help someone find something they want to find but are having a difficult time searching for it. Many companies like Starbucks allow bitcoin as a payment option for their company. Similarly, if you plan on beginning a business, you can allocate bitcoin as a form of payment in your list of payment options. You can save yourself from any third part wallets to process your payments just by having a bitcoin wallet to your name. this will ensure that you get your payment from any corner of the world without any delay.

Earn money with bitcoins, but you need to be very careful about how you go about things. Even though bitcoin investments are volatile, there are few chances of you losing your investments. Nevertheless, it would help if you went about it very slowly; start with micro-earning and gain a stronghold before proceeding to actions like mining, trading, and investing.

After going through the above seven points, you will understand how each activity will help you earn money through bitcoin in their respective ways. So what are you waiting for? Buckle up and get going to achieve your financial dreams.

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