Top 7 Tips for Selling Your Car

Looking to sell your car fast but you don’t have the time to post an ad and wait for weeks or months to find a buyer? If so, you should know that there are great car-selling platforms like homecar24. Their promise of buying your car (wir kaufen dein auto) has never been more accurate.

In this article, we tell you vital car selling tips and tricks to enable you to sell off your car fast and for top dollar. Read on to learn more.

1. Understand What Your Car’s worth

The love you have for your car can easily cloud your judgment when pricing it. If anything, most people think their car is the most special. But the value of a car is dictated by the market. Cars are pretty much like anything else.

Your car’s value will be determined by several factors like mileage, which is the most reliable indicator of the wear and tear of the engine, service history, age, the present condition of your car. Understanding what your car’s value is will enable you to price it appropriately and find a buyer fast. At Homecar24 they buy your car experiences (wir kaufen dein auto erfahrungen).

2. Have Your Car Valued by a Professional Dealer

It’s easier and faster than ever to get a rough idea about how much your car could be worth even when selling your Ferrari, for instance. The easiest way is to obtain an estimate from a dealer. They will look at the condition of your car, its age, and mileage among other things to come up with the best price for your car.

It’s easier and faster than ever to get a rough idea about how much your car could be worth. The easiest way is to obtain an estimate from a dealer. They will look at the condition of your car, its age, and mileage among other things to come up with the best price for your car.

Obtaining a professional valuation of your car will enable you to price your car in the best possible way and find a buyer for it. If you don’t do that, you might be stuck with your car for months on end, which is not something you want. These professional valuers ensure you get the right price for your car.

3. Decide what is important to you

Before you sell your car, ask yourself what you care about most. Is it speed, final selling price, or convenience? If you don’t have any urgency to sell and can wait the whole year to get the best price for your car, then you are okay to sell privately on websites such as eBay and Auto Trader.

But if you choose this route, you should prepare to wait for the long selling lines as well as show your car to tens of people before you find a buyer.

Choosing a top car selling site like Homecar24 shortens the time it takes to find a buyer for your car. The company has a network of more than 3000 verified dealers that will help you get the best price for your car. It’s easy, quick, and guarantees you significantly more money compared to part exchange.

If you only care about selling your car fast and are ready to sacrifice a small part of the end price in exchange for a hassle-free sale, your best option is to use a car buying site like Jomecar24. Such a service guarantees you instant payment and at a reasonably good price.

4. Choose the Methods you want to Sell Your Car Wisely

While selling privately allows you to get close to what you are looking for, the problem is that it doesn’t guarantee you that a sale will ever happen. Also, you just be ready for the prospect of entertaining buyers to your house without knowing who will buy your car.

For example, Homecar24 ensures no private individuals will come to your doorstep by connecting you with a network of dealers that promise to pay the best price for your car. The process is convenient and lightning-fast. Provided you accurately describe your car, online car buying sites almost guarantee that you will sell your car and receive the money in 24 hours or less.

Weigh up the speed of sale vs. value and choose the right route according to what’s the most important to you.

5. Ready Your Car

Ensure your car looks as good as possible before you post it for sale. This will prevent potential buyers from knocking a few hundred dollars of the asking price. Have your car thoroughly washed and cleaned outside and inside on the day of the sale. Also, if it has any minor problems, for instance, small scratches and dents, make sure you fix these.

6. Prepare for Negotiation

Before meeting up with the potential buyer of your car, make sure you know the true worth of your car. If a buyer is hellbent on reducing the price after inspecting the car, feel free to argue back.

However, when you opt to sell your car with a car selling site such as Homecar24, you won’t have to do any negotiation. You also avoid a scenario where some buyers will want to force you to lower your offer on the selling day.

Remember it’s not a deal until the money for your car hits your bank account.

7. Do Not Accept Bankers Drafts, IOUs, or Checks

The most important rule when selling your car is to never hand over the car keys until the time you get the full amount for your car. This is especially for private buyers that may offer to pay through checks or even promise to transfer money later. Also, you should take this caution when selling to car buyers or car dealers.

Reputable buyers know that you need to receive cash in advance. They will pay you in cash or through bank transfer. If the buyer cannot digitally confirm that they transferred the cash, then they will give evidence of funds transfer once the transaction has been completed. This should be in terms of a digital transaction statement or a receipt. If the buyer has not revealed this, ask for evidence before you hand over the keys. 


If you need to sell your car fast, conveniently, and for top dollar, your best option is to use online car selling websites like Homecar24. Such companies make car selling extremely easy because they have a network of thousands of dealers ready to buy your car. Once you post your car, you will receive online offers, make an appointment about pick-up, and then get paid as the car is removed from your site. It’s the best way to sell your car.

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