Top 8 Smartphone Medical Apps For Healthcare Professionals

Medical apps are no less than a boon for healthcare professionals. From accessing key medical databases and references to checking on patients and conferring with other medical staff, doctors are greatly assisted by today’s cutting-edge medical apps. For businesses in healthcare domain which are looking to tranform into digitial-first infrastructure must look for healthcare app development services. We believe every healthcare worker in medical practice should know and use such application which are beneficial for their patients.

  • Medscape

One of the most popular medical apps, Medscape is intuitively designed to facilitate a host of functions. For example, it helps doctors and medical students easily gather and surf modern medical research articles on a single platform. 

The app is not limited to being a medical news source only but also features different areas, such as – 

  • Prescription safety information
  • Medical calculators
  • Continuing Medical Education/ Continuing Education activities
  • Connection point to a network of doctors

Medscape is compatible with Android and Apple platforms and showcase the need of healthcare mobile app development in healthcare domain.

  • Prevention TaskForce 


Created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Prevention Task Force app is useful for primary care doctors as a credible platform for the right resources regarding patients’ needs. 

The app can be used to determine if the preventive service is conducive to your patient’s needs. it is not a replacement for clinical judgment and personalized patient care. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices and is also available as a web app.


MedPage TODAY is one of the greatest medical apps for physicians and healthcare professionals to gather a plethora of information on medical fields, medical opinions, special reports, etc. Information regarding prescription drug monographs, disease pathology, and free CME/CE credits are also features of the app. 

So far as its compatibility is concerned, the app works on iPhone devices.


The app is designed to improve diagnostic accuracy, thanks to its intuitive diagnostic clinical decision support system. Moreover, doctors can use the app for enhancing their therapeutic decisions. It also features more than 90,000 peer-reviewed medical images and medically represented disease variations based on ages, skin types, severity, and stages of patients. 

It is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

  • Skyscape Medical Library

Healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses can use this app for free access to resources, such as a drug guide, clinical consultation on more than 800 topics, and over 250 interactive tools, along with a clinical calculator. As far as compatibility is concerned, the app works both on iOS and Android. 

  • epocrates 

A trusted choice for more than one million healthcare providers, epocrates is admired for housing a plethora of medical information concerning safety, diagnosis, and treatment. It also features drug information, interaction check, clinical practice guidelines, and other essential clinical content for pharmacists, physicians, and healthcare associates. 

It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 


PEPID provides concise and actionable medical content for hospitals & health systems, medical institutes, medical students, and healthcare professionals. The app also boasts of a clinical and drug database, along with features, such as medical calculators and illustrations to help you enhance critical decision-making at any point of medical care. The app works on Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry.

  • DynaMed 

It provides evidence-based medical content including expert guidance and a high-quality, individualized experience for accurate medical answers at any given point of care. Healthcare professionals can use this app for real-time updates at their fingertips. It works on a powerful search technology enabling it to quickly identify the right medical content with clearly defined recommendations to reduce the time to answer. 

It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

Other useful medical apps for doctors

  • UpToDate – For downloading medical and drug content to make better clinical decisions.
  • MDCalc – For updates regarding CME credits and access to over 550 clinical tools.
  • 3D4Medical – for investigating crucial details of the human anatomy in brilliant 3D technology.
  • Airstrip – For data on patients to facilitate quicker diagnosis and treatment of cardiac patients.

Final words

Medical mobile apps are extremely useful for healthcare professionals, enabling them to make critical decisions at any point of care, as well as helping them improve their medical insights based on a plethora of relevant content on diverse medical fields. 

If you are intrigued by the concept of a medical app in terms of helping you grow boundlessly in your chosen medical practice, consider hiring a custom software development agency with an expertise in developing a medical app for your needs.

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