Top Benefits of Digital Signage During COVID-19

Digital signage has gained major popularity in recent years, with all different types of industries learning how to take advantage of this fantastic form of communication and advertising.

That form of communication and advertising has become even more important to a company’s success in this uncertain time of COVID-19.

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So, if you are curious about the benefits of digital signage for your business during this time, simply keep reading!

Improve your engagement

There’s no doubt that sales are down basically across the board right now. However, digital signage is a great way to make up for that lost revenue simply based on the fact that digital signage captures approximately 400 percent more views than a basic static display.

In fact, 80 percent of customers say that they have entered a store simply because the digital signage helped to capture their attention. Though foot traffic is definitely down these days, digital signage is a great way to help make up the difference.

Better in-store experience

Digital signage is a great way to try to improve your customers’ experience when they are inside your shop. In fact, customers who have interacted with digital signage in a store have said that they experienced great satisfaction during their experience by nearly 50 percent.

Part of that certainly has to do with the perceived drop in wait time, which is one of the best ways to improve your shoppers’ experiences. That is especially true right now, as social-distance mandates may cause wait times to be longer and wait in lines to seem longer because people are not currently able to bunch up as they typically like to do.

Encourage impulse purchases

Believe it or not, about 20 percent of people admitted that they have made impulse buys in the past due to digital signage. This can be super helpful right now if your business is struggling to make the same amount of sales as it did before COVID-19.

Truth is, impulse purchases can be pretty hard to come by, but taking advantage of digital signage can absolutely help you in that department by making your storefront look exciting and engaging and making your products seem that much more exciting.

Overall growth in sales 

There is no doubt that having digital signage will help you improve your sales thanks to a number of different factors. The first one, as we already mentioned, is that digital signage is a major tool in attracting more people to enter your store.

Beyond that, it also helps to keep potential customers in your store longer, which also can dramatically improve your chances of closing a deal. These trends will help you improve your bottom line even during this difficult time and can help you build towards growing your business in the future.

More time

A final fantastic aspect of digital signage is that it helps you focus on other things like working with customers and taking inventory because you no longer have to worry about writing out signs that have important information. Now you have your digital signage to do that for you!

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