Top Bookkeeping Apps in 2022

Benefits of using bookkeeping services

Businesses both big and small need to constantly keep track of all their finances which if done manually becomes too much of a hassle. This problem has been alleviated by fintech with digital ledger technology. Digital ledgers are revolutionizing accounting, mostly because they make recording and tracking transactions much easier in digital format. The world is rapidly adopting digital ledger technologies, especially small and medium businesses that want to digitize their processes with minimal to no cost and overhead.

 With this technology, keeping track of records has gotten a lot simpler, allowing businesses to keep all of their financial data in one place. Overall, digital ledger technology is revolutionizing the way organizations operate and accounting is no exception. Businesses may operate more smoothly and effectively because of this innovation. As mobile accounting is becoming more and more popular, it is getting easier to conduct business from any place, at any time of the day or night using the many digital ledger applications available on the play store. You’re undoubtedly missing out if you don’t use this incredible technology to make your life easier!

We have come up with a list of a few different digital ledgers available in the market to compare a few of their features and come up with a suggestion that we think is the best, so keep reading to find out our top pick!

Tops Book Keeping Apps in 2022

Book Keeper

Book Keeper by Just Apps Pvt. Ltd.’s as the name suggests is a personal bookkeeping and accounting app for individuals and small companies. The application aims to make it easy for many people to maintain track of their finances and keep them in order. It allows you to send invoices, bills, and estimates, as well as handle inventory and view daily transaction books.


QuickBooks created by Intuit Inc. is another bookkeeping application that allows users to stay on top of their business expenses by creating, sending, and tracking invoices from viewed to paid. It enables users to easily keep track of all their cash flows.

Cash Book

This app created by CashBook is another digital record-keeping tool or digital ledger mostly for company account managers, business owners, and the general public to maintain records of accounts, salaries, and day-to-day company activities and expenses.


Buku is a simple money manager & digital account book created by SoftDew. Buku provides inventory and billing services to allow you to create invoices, proformas, quotations, and challans on the fly because it is essential to track current financial situations in order to maintain income, expenses, bills, bank/wallet/credit card/investments. 


Expensify by Expensify Inc. is an application that can scan receipts, track business and personal expenses. It allows you to request payments, settle up debts, and split group expenses. In addition to personal payments, you can also create a workspace for your business as well.

All these apps are well and good but the top contender that we have found in our research is a new player in the market called Hisaab. It strikes the perfect balance between use for personal expense management and business expense management. It has something for everyone, let’s take a look:


Hisaab is a free digital daily transaction recording app by Retailo that simplifies bookkeeping for all kinds of business and personal uses. Hisaab works like a digital ledger that makes life simpler for SME retailers by keeping track of and managing all their transactions in one place without them having to manually record everything. For small company owners, the primary concern is keeping track of and recovering their cash. As a result, it’s critical for them to keep records of all transactions digitally. These transaction reports in Hisaab can be used at the end of the month to generate credit which adds value to SME businesses and boosts sales and profits.

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