Investor Reviews on Top Business Bank Accounts for Beginners

Trade is a dirty game where one can reach the sky of success while others may get lost in the dust. But the fact is that if you understand the importance of educating yourself about all the requirements, rules, regulations, and DOs and DONTs of this game, no one can stop you from reaching your investment goals.

Investor Reviews - Top business bank accounts

Keeping this in mind, we decided to write an article that will help you in understanding this money game. We are here with genuine investor reviews on the top three business trading platforms, their pros and cons, and with assistance in deciding which one is better for you.

North One Business Checking Account Review

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This bank is based in New York City. Its business checking account was recently introduced in August 2019. It is an online bank, and this account was explicitly designed to support new and small businesses and freelancers. As a digital bank, all its services work through the banking app or software for a monthly fee.

New investors, budding traders, and freelancers are usually treated like small fish by traditional banks. If you are in the same boat, Business Checking Account by North One Bank is the solution to your problem.

This custom-built account works for creating a banking app that is simple and easy to use for new users. It provides the new traders and investors with all the facilities that a traditional business bank account offers. This business banking platform also allows third-party integration, making it a comprehensive banking platform for your business.

The business banking application by North One Bank functions in collaboration with the FDIC insured Radius bank. Everything that a startup or a small business needs is provided by this business checking account. The account offers services like mobile banking, debit Master Card, online transactions, tracking and managing invoices through a banking app, etc. Not to forget, North One Business Checking Account is one of the largest fee-free ATM networks in the industry.

Betterment Review

Betterment - robo advisor - logo

It is a Robo advisor company. It uses computer algorithms for the generation of personalized financial advice and management of your investment portfolio. It gives you access to many automated options. It is also suitable for beginner traders and investors because it is a streamlined process, and the investors do not need a day to day involvement. The main goal of this app is to maximize your returns while keeping the risks minimum.

The company is among the top Robo advising programs. Along with its digital efficiency, the company also offers human advisory if the need be. The modern portfolio theory introduced by the company allows you to invest in a diverse pool of assets, which reduces the risk while stabilizing your investment. It offers a low management fee and tax-coordinated portfolio, making it just perfect for young investors.

BlueVine Review

Blue Vine Capital Inc

If you are looking for the most advanced banking platform for your online business, BlueVine Capital Inc. is your way to go. The company is based in Redwood City, Calif. It was launched in the year 2013 by its CEO Eyal Lifshitz. It primarily works as an online small business checking account provider. But their several types of services for financing various businesses distinguish them from their competitors.

The company offers only one type of bank account that is BlueVine Business Checking Account, but it is one of the highest interest-paying accounts and also yields high savings. This digital bank was explicitly launched to fill the gap left by traditional banking options for startups and small scale businesses. The CEO Lifshitz witnessed his father and grandfather’s frustrations and problems in managing their business, which led him to the launch of this online bank.

More than 200,000 customers are using their services now. The services are available in all 50 states in the US, and the bank has received A+ ratings by the Better Business Bureau.


If you are oblivious to the trade and business industry’s tactics and strategies, you are likely to fall on your face. Therefore, it is vital that you take help from experts and benefit from the services being provided by various companies working to support budding traders and investors like you. We have mentioned the top three business checking accounts to help you manage your trade and investment portfolio.

All three are specifically designed for young and new investors; hence easy and simple to use even if you have zero experience in this industry.

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