Top companies in India that do Background Verification

When you are bringing a new employee on board, the process involves a lot of resources including compensation and training. You must find a reputable background verification company to ensure that the candidate is the right fit for the job and that expenses on him turn out to be lucrative. Background verification companies offer services that include a review of a candidate’s educational, financial, criminal and employment background.

What is Background Verification?

Background verification is the process used to verify whether a person is who they claim to be. This procedure is performed by scanning through an individual’s employment, financial, criminal and education records apart from other documentation. Employers typically perform background checks after a candidate applies for a job or before they make a job offer. An employer must take the individual’s consent to perform background verification.

The background verification process is tedious, and an organization may not have the resources to dive deep into each candidate’s background. Fortunately, several companies offer background verification and candidate screening services.

Top background verification companies in India

  • Betterplace

Betterplace background verification software performs automatic background checks of candidates accurately and quickly. The intuitive plug-and-play APIs allow for seamless integration with other devices. The software can be configured for performing diverse checks for all employee types. Advanced reports can also be generated with timely notifications and alerts. 

  • KPMG

KPMG holds one of the topmost positions among background verification companies in India. The services provided by KPMG are 

  • Reference verification
  • Employment verification
  • Address verification
  • Criminal record verification
  • Database verification
  • Vendor due diligence 
  • Counter party verification. 

The company has headquarters in the Netherlands and is listed in the stock market. It has won several awards for the excellent services provided over the years. 

  • Auth Bridge

A very well-known background verification company, Auth Bridge also offers risk assessment and talent sourcing solutions. The services offered by AuthBridge are employee screening, employee background checking, online screening, drug testing, talent solutions and risk assessment services. With over 400 clients across the world, the company has more than 10 years of experience. Till today, Auth Bridge has performed over 10 million employee checks and published over 2 million reports.

Auth Bridge has helped companies onboard employees in sectors like telecom, manufacturing, IT, banking, healthcare, retail, construction and consulting at speed and scale.  Their Identity management and KYC products have helped verify the identities of bulk customers for the BFSI sector. All AuthBridge products have customisable workflows where you can plug and play any component you need. Their services include:

  • White-collar Employee Screening
  • Blue-collar Employee Screening
  • Workforce Solutions
  • Senior Executive & Top Hires Screening
  • Risk Watch post-employment
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Digital Address Verification
  • Securitas

Securitas is a well-known NASSCOM background verification company with over 20,000 employees specializing in pre and post-employment verification. They provide comprehensive candidate profiling services that provide relevant knowledge to companies that aid them in making informed and confident hiring decisions. Some of the services offered by Securitas are:

  • Address checking
  • Academic verification
  • Professional reference check
  • Previous employment
  • Database screening
  • Criminal record check
  • Vendor due diligence
  • Exit interviews
  • Forensic document check
  • Personal ID checks
  • Drug and alcohol abuse check
  • IDfy

IDfy is a pan India background verification company that helps businesses fraud and only engage with the genuine and eligible candidates. IDfy has run verification checks on over 100 million people and has a 500 client database. IDfy offers AI-enabled technology services that include:

  • Address verification
  • Employment verification
  • Education verification
  • Court record/police record check
  • Drug test
  • Passport verification
  • Social media account check
  • Matrix India

Matrix India has over 2 decades of experience in background verification services. With deep expertise and cutting edge technology, they have enabled seamless 360-degree background verification services. Matrix India has worked with customers across varied sectors including Information technology, Manufacturing, BPO, Retail and BFSI. The services offered are:

  • Address check
  • Identification check
  • Academic check
  • Employment check
  • Criminal check
  • Drug test
  • Character reference check
  • Database verification
  • Fourth Force

A dedicated and professionally managed background verification company, Fourth Force has always provided reliable, unbiased verification services. They have helped companies authenticate available information to make informed decisions. Leveraging the power of formal background verification in the times of information overload, Fourth Force has always delivered validated and dependable data with complete confidentiality and effective turnaround times. They have catered to customers in corporate, insurance, banking, supply chain sectors. The services offered in employee background verification are:

  • Candidate pre-screening
  • Background screening that includes address check, education check, past employment check, criminal records check, and professional licenses check
  • Personal and professional references verification
  • Social media screening
  • Drug screening


Hiring dependable candidates is the primary goal of the hiring process and comprehensive background verification can ensure that this goal is achieved. By hiring the services of a reliable background verification company, you can ensure the quality of talent in your organization, minimize hiring risk, and enhance the organization’s overall credibility. 


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