TOP cool content ideas for your YouTube channel

As a rule, in life there is no need to reinvent the wheel every time.

In fact, you won’t find anything 100% original today.

Most of the ideas have been tried before and the same is happening on YouTube.

Give the following ideas your own vision and your Youtube subscribers will enjoy them and watch them through.

Ideas for beginners.

– Unpacking.

Unpacking – this is also not a new idea. However, thousands of new products are released every month, so this kind of video never stops finding its viewers. If you bought a new product, you have a reason to do unpacking on video.

– What’s on my phone.

Making a video of what’s in your phone is a little more original than the What’s in My Bag video. Talking about the apps you use , it is an easy way to introduce your followers to you.

– List of your favorite songs.

Talking about the music you listen to – this is a simple video you can make. It only takes a little introspection and deliberation on your part.

– List of your favorite movies.

Just like making a song list, a movie list – it’s simple and it’s good content to let people get to know you a little better.

– Show your pets and tell about them.

If you love animals, you might have a pet. Introduce it to your viewers and talk a little about it.

You can talk about how you figured out what you wanted a pet, how you came up with its name, what crazy things it does, and much more.

– Birthday Gift Ideas.

I don’t know about you, but it’s very difficult for me to come up with good gift ideas. Watching a video or reading an article that lists gift ideas would be extremely helpful. If you are the kind of person who comes up with ideas easily, you can help our inferior minds!

– Show how you shoot your video.

I’m sure you know that shooting video requires a lot more than just pressing the record button. Sometimes it requires script and lighting, but it always requires brainstorming ideas, proper equipment, and some editing. Talk about how you do it.

– Play a game and write it down.

You don’t need to be a player or game channel owner to make videos of you playing. You may be that person who doesn’t usually play games, but you have one that you especially play.

– Give back what you no longer use.

You can run a mini-contest for your subscribers and give away what you no longer need. It’s a good way to use this popular marketing technique without a huge budget. At the very least, make sure the product works as well as when it was new and doesn’t fall apart.

It will always be best to give away something completely new, but it can be really difficult for a beginner channel.

– Show animal tricks.

The moment of your pet’s glory has come! Remember those tricks you taught your dog for hours? Now they will finally pay off.

Ideas for the first Youtube video.

– ​​Draw your life.

This is a pretty popular video idea. Don’t forget to give your video your personality to make it stand out from the crowd. Let’s say you can draw cartoons. Maybe you can spice up your life instead of just drawing it.

– Tour of the room.

If you are going to record in your room, why not show your future audience what your “studio” looks like. This is a good way to introduce you to new subscribers. Nothing is more personal than your own room.

– Tell us about your gadgets.

Are you a techno man? Do you have a lot of things that you don’t even need? Or do you have a lot of gadgets without which you could not live a day? Talk about them.

– Video of brothers and sisters.

Ask your brothers and sisters questions and let them ask you around. Find out how well you know each other. This is a good idea for your first video. It is also a very popular video and is often seen among couples.

– Introduce yourself.

Or you can just tell about yourself! Talk about why you want to shoot Youtube videos, what your expectations are and just include your name, age and what you do and would like to do in the future.

– Photo slideshow.

Photo slideshow – one of the simplest yet funnest videos you can make. If you like a band, try collecting pictures of them from the past to the present to show how they have changed over the years!

Funny video ideas.

– Top 10 failures.

Top 10 files are extremely good for attracting views. However, this is not for every channel. Instead, you can compile whatever you can think of. The audience loves the numbers in the title, trust me.

– Video parody.

Making a parody video isn’t easy. However, there are good parodies that can be made without a big budget and good video recording skills if you’re funny enough.

– Reacting to Facebook profile pictures.

Most Facebook profiles have a terrible secret hidden and forgotten: old awkward profile pictures. If you don’t remember which photos you uploaded when you signed up with Facebook, now is the time to record your reactions.

– Bloopers compilation.

Watching behind the scenes of your favorite movies or TV shows is always fun. Collect a few behind-the-scenes moments from your favorite TV shows and compile them into videos to share with others.

Collaboration ideas.

– Make a video with a YouTuber from your area.

You can find YouTubers who are not too far away from you and make a small agreement to record a video. This will allow you to get followers from each other. You will need someone comparable to you for them to want to collaborate.

– Mention each other.

Talk to a YouTuber in your niche and ask him to mention you in the next video. And you will do the same. For this kind of collaboration, you probably need roughly the same number of followers. It is unlikely that a much larger channel will go to this.

– Be a host on each other’s videos.

Make a video and upload it to your partner’s Youtube channel. He will do the same.

– Do an interview.

Many channels, which are not necessarily about interviews, may well add this element to their content.

If you’re talking about a specific topic, it’s never a bad idea to find other people who have relevant experience and interview them. Ask them questions that will fill your feed with really valuable information.

– Make a video challenge.

There are many challenges you could do. Just pick one of them and coordinate with someone. There will be many more ideas below in the Challenges section.

Ideas for couples.

– How well do you know your partner?

This is a really fun idea for both your relationship and your audience. The idea can be made funnier if you also come up with a punishment for mistakes. By the way, you can add this nuance to any of the ideas that you find in this topic.

– My boyfriend / husband does my makeup.

We, most of us, are downright terrible with makeup. Don’t miss the chance to make your audience laugh at the guy and at you, because you end up looking funny.

– Poses for couples photo sessions.

You can do a little research on the websites of professional photographers and come up with a list of the best photography poses. Such pictures become popular because they show the closeness of a serious relationship.

– A guide to buying gifts for a couple.

What are the best gifts for a couple? Where can your viewers find them? Have your partner say what he liked about your gifts and you will do the same.

– How to get along with an ex / ex.

Consulting video is always a great idea. If you have a lot of experience in the love department, you can make a video that explains how you can mend your relationship with your ex. Just be careful as this is a delicate topic for some.

Challenge ideas.

– Dummy challenge.

It’s never too late to join the mass frenzy. Get together with your friends and have someone film your dummy challenge. You can try creating complex scenes to make your work stand out from hundreds of others.

– Drawing blindly.

Try drawing the Eiffel Tower with your eyes closed. This is an easy way to make the tower look like a pancake.

– Eat or Wear.

Do you think you have a strong stomach? Try it out and do the Eat or Wear Challenge! Gather together some of the most outrageous foods and condiments in your home and find someone to play with.

– Cinnamon Challenge.

You’ve probably seen videos like this before. Try it yourself and ask a friend to do the same. Just be careful, as too much cinnamon can cause excessive coughing and throat irritation.

– Hot Pepper Challenge.

This is another viral food challenge. All you need is a lot of madness and a lot of courage!

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