Top five app development companies in New York City 

Now is the digital era and any company that does not have its own digital application will slowly be eroded by the times. If you are a business person looking to take your company to the next level, having your own company app will be very important. But what if you don’t have expertise in software development? Don’t worry because there are many companies that can help you.

Are you looking for the best app development company in New York? Actually “best” refers to subjective perception although of course there are some basic criteria that can be used to determine that. That’s why we, in this article, describe five of the app development companies we consider the best in New York. Curious? Keep reading!


The company has a focus on mobile app development although it also works on custom web software development. Utility is the fruit of the collaboration of several digital leaders from popular companies such as McCann Erickson, and Major League Baseball. Run by top-level digital product strategists and software engineers, Utility continues to move ahead of many of its competitors by providing high quality mobile web/app development by startup founders.


Another popular application development company in New York, Cubix is ​​an application development company that focuses on the world of games. The company specializes in customization, enterprise-level solution integration, web solutions, and business intelligence analysis. Cubix has been around for 8 years and so far has many clients; individuals, startups, and organizations.

Dash Technologies 

It is an application development company, specifically mobile applications. Run by a combination of collaboration and innovation, the company continues to grow year after year. Dash Technologies also provides Development as a Service (DaaS) which is able to provide solutions that exceed the expectations of its customers. Apart from having experience in developing mobile applications, Dash Technologies is also experienced in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). If you are planning to integrate your mobile app with its web version, this company is one of the “best helpers”. 


This company, despite its “non-New York” name, is an app development company based in New York with more experience than the average competitor. This company has at least 30 years of experience. SPEC INDIA provides various services such as Custom Software Development, BI Solutions & Analytics, Web & Mobile Application Development, Product Engineering and many more. Having more than 300 experienced consultants, this company can be the ultimate solution for the need for quality digital applications that are the backbone of modern companies. For information, SPEC INDIA also understands Global Culture and Customer Priority Approach as one of the requirements to achieve customer satisfaction.

Zco Corporation

Always considered one of the best application development companies in the United States, Zco Corporation provides a broad spectrum of services covering enterprise software development, AI and VR applications, 3D animations, game applications, and much more. This company has representative offices in several cities in the United States including New York City of course.

What are you thinking now? Wouldn’t you like to try one of them?