Top Influencer Marketing Platforms to Boost Your Business

Feeling the current influencer marketing wave?

Many brands are going the way of influencer marketing, to connect with their target audiences.

With lots of brands focusing on the same audience, it is quite an arduous task to race everyone else, to benchmark them.

How can you distinguish yourself on the market?

How can you make the target audience feel more strongly about your brand?

The right influencer marketing platform will help you discover the right influencers for your brand, keep an eye on their campaigns for your brand and assess results to see how you’re doing on the market.

If this isn’t the best, I don’t know what is!

Here is a brief description of the top influencer marketing platforms to boost your business:


Now running your influencer marketing campaigns is easier than ever. With’s technology-packed features, take the benefit of searching, running, and tracking campaigns effectively. Along with social media analytics for your campaign, you can even measure clicks and sales on Shopify. Want to know how’s your competitor doing? can even monitor your competitor’s influencer trends and helps you stay ahead in the game.


Looking for an influencer marketing platform that can act as a stand-alone platform to serve the functions of influencer discovery, management, and analytics? Traackr for the win!

This influencer marketing platform is very useful for scaling up campaigns with succinct analytics, data-driven insights and step-by-step monitoring of influencer marketing campaigns.

Traackr gives you the valuable information needed to rank influencers (e.g. based on audience insights) and ultimately helps you track real-life conversations around your brand, discovering in this process, those influencers who are good for your brand and those who aren’t.

Isn’t that the goal?

3.  IZEA

I have had one-too-many brand managers tell me they are looking for just the right influencer marketing platform to help build, manage, analyze and intensify their influencer marketing campaigns. After looking through their needs, I have had to point them to IZEA and here’s why:

IZEA liberates you, via its platform, to find content creators and influencers that are in sync with your target demographic or audience. On this influencer marketing platform, you can perform keyword searches, and sift through results gotten based on location and other demographic factors.

What’s more, the IZEA platform helps you manage your influencers, creative briefings, requests, disbursements and several other nit-bits of working with influencers. An added advantage is that IZEA helps you measure how great your influencer-generated content is doing on several platforms.

Now you can see why we came to the conclusion that IZEA is a dope influencer marketing platform!


Not all influencer marketing platforms help you create super awesome content. That’s just the truth. Onalytica, however, stands out as a platform which enables brands and influencers to create excellent content. With a global database of over 700,000 influencers, you have a vast array of influencers to choose from and to discover which ones are relevant for your brand.

Via this platform, you are able to connect with and develop beautiful relationships with influencers that hit the right places in your heart, or those whom you intuitively feel would be good for your business. Here, you can also measure how well your campaigns are doing on the market, comparing it with that of other competitors.


Tapinfluence is another marketing platform that makes it to the list for its versatility in helping you fish out the right influencers who are cool with working to promote your brand.

Wonder if you’d be comfortable with an influencer? No worries, with tapinfluence, you get a complete 360-degree view of influencers including their current audience, their insights, and cost per engagement (CPE) so you know if what they charge is within your budgetary limits.

This platform is excellent for helping you build from scratch, influencer marketing campaigns, regardless of the size, complexity or technicality with which you have to address your target audience.


An end-to-end influencer marketing solution, MARKERLY enables you to connect with like minds in the influencer marketing industry.

If you are looking for a platform which connects you with just the right influencers for your brand, you needn’t look any further, as MARKERLY helps you see which influencers’ lives are most relevant to your values and your overall brand.

Having this knowledge of awesome influencer marketing platforms should help you pick the right platform for your brand’s success!