Top Packaging Design Innovations Changing 2021

The market is hoarded and loaded with an extensive range of packaging designs, but what about the packaging innovation? Over the course of time, there have been various breakthroughs and updates regarding packaging for making packaging designs more suitable for the customer as well as the environment. The world of custom packaging solutions is changing rapidly and moving wore toward a greener more sustainable approach. Truth be told, these updates won’t stop.

This is because there are various new packaging designs that have hit the market or are being released into the market in the nearer future. In either way, the packaging innovations are changing the way we shop, and customers buy the products while ensuring zero harm and protection of the environment. So, let’s check out the top packaging design innovations that will change in 2021!

Zero Waste Packaging

The brands are continuously trying to cut down the packaging waste, but one of them is trying to use the natural plant life for sourcing the packaging. This is because they are using cassava and bamboo for combatting the trash production going around in the world. After years of designing, developing, and perfecting the formula, zero waste packaging has been designed.

The zero waste packaging is ensured through leftover scraps after the chopsticks are being produced in Thailand. According to these brands, they are trying to replace the plastic bags, Styrofoam boxes, and other materials that can add to landfills that are not recycled and/or decomposed. However, there is a need for awareness because the costs are higher with such technologies.

Skin Pack

When it comes down to custom product boxes, food packaging has become a huge concern in the packaging industry. However, this issue can be tackled by creating the skin pack poultry trays with aluminum and film (it’s true to the name and one of its kind). With this packaging, the food is vacuum packed, and the material is shaped around the food item.

The packaging will protect the food and poultry from oxygen which helps increase the shelf-life of food by at least 300%. This specific packaging design can handle temperatures ranging from -40-degrees Celsius to 400-degrees Celsius. The best thing about aluminum tray is that it’s completely recyclable, which results in eco-friendliness as compared to other packaging designs.

What we love about skin pack packaging is that it’s easy to take off because you just have to peel the skin from the poultry and put it in a cooking pan or oven. This packaging design will create competition, but it’s great if it’s improving the eco-friendliness, no?

Self-Chilling Cans

Sure, we visit the grocery store and buy the cans but putting them in the refrigerator can be extremely frustrating (yes, we know), but nobody likes lukewarm drinks either. That being said, self-chilling cans are the new innovations in the beverages industry. The self-chilling cans are convenient to use. This is because you just have to turn the can upside down and twist the base for releasing CO2.

The CO2 works as a coolant and will chill the beverage within ninety seconds. Even more, the self-chilling cans are completely recyclable, and you no longer have to wait for your drink to chill up. In addition, these cans will reduce the need for refrigeration (it also adds to the carbon footprint in the environment). So, it’s a greater option for beverages!

Insignia Technologies

The Insignia technology is designed with the patented intelligent inks and pigments that tend to change colors according to temperatures. This will ensure that you can detect the bad and fresh food when the packaging is opened. This technology will help determine if the food is fresh or not without damaging the packaging and using all the wrap again.


With higher eco-friendliness levels and recycling standards, reCup has been launched. It is the fully-recyclable cup that was launched back in October 2017. These paper cups are designed from earth coating and are rising in demand. For now, the demand has increased, which has resulted in a higher expense of 10 euros.

reCup is made from mineralized resin coating that helps break down the cups and has become a favorite packaging design of people and brands in Europe. Truth be told, it has become an essential way of reducing waste, and it’s pushing the companies to opt for these cups.

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