Top ReactJS Development Tools To Speed Up Application Development

React is helping to fasten the development process of applications with interactive UI. You will find that ReactJS Development Company is using the React components and reusable building blocks for applications.

It is the fact that an ever-growing programming language like ReactJS taking over Frontend Development is expected. It is gaining popularity in the digital market with its Developer Tools.

Why do you need ReactJS for Web App Development?

ReactJS Developers use such tools to create better applications at a higher speed. Development tools will enhance React’s versatility and makes it easier for the developers. Reasons why this platform is gaining so much popularity:

  • The open-source JavaScript library is continuously developing. Many developers are working on improving the performance of the platform.
  • The ReactJS is mainly written using JavaScript, which is easy to learn. This makes the React library easy to use and develop apps.
  • The Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) feature is a logical structure of documents in XHTML, XML, and HTML format. This helps the developers to give better performance and user experience.
  • ReactJS is based on various components where each one has its control and logic.
  • It has many debugging and design tools that make the platform reliable and efficient for web apps.

The top ReactJS Development tools to improve your development process:


This instrument allows designers to make segments in an advanced condition. It runs outside the actual application, which lets developers create UI. Some features that this tool gives you are:

  • Render components in the key states
  • Streamline the workflow
  • Auto-detect the code regressions
  • Automate the visual testing


This is the first react IDE for web app development. The cross-platform desktop application ensures the simplicity which renders the project in the browser. It also has a custom browser simulator and integrated Node server that eliminates the dependency of built-in tools. Some noteworthy features of this development tool are:

  • Component Visualization
  • Streamlined Configuration
  • Hot module reloading
  • Compatible terminal for commands and workflows

React Sight

The effective tool enables you to visualize the applications with a live component hierarchy tree structure. It is a lightweight and structured platform. React Sight tool works with the libraries like react-router, react fiber, and redux. Some features of this development tool are:

  • Open-source
  • It needs no setup
  • Enhances speed
  • Built-in filters which help in avoiding deviations

React Extensions Packs

JavaScript Developers are lucky to have Visual Studio as it is the best developer tool. Some next-level bundle of extensions that helps the ReactJS Development company are:

  • ReactJS code Snippets: Ut contains 34 prototype-specific snippets and 40 snippets.
  • ES Lint: It gives support to the command line with the similar name
  • npm: This enables to run of the command from the command palette directly
  • Search node_modules: This is easy to search for the module and add in the editor
  • npm IntelliSense: This helps auto-completion for the name of extensions while importing them from your code.

Let us look at Angular.js vs. React.js vs. Vue.js:

Platform Angular.js React.js Vue.js
Definition It is a frontend open-source JS framework that helps to build advanced and large-scale projects. It is an open-source JavaScript library and frontend which is used to develop User-interfaces. It is an open-source MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) framework to develop Single Page Applications and User-Interface.
Advantages ● Incredible Structure

● MVC architecture

● Two-way data binding

● Reduction of loading time

● Large community

● Built-in module system

● Faster development process

● It is flexible because of its modular structure

● It is easier to maintain

● Gives high performance for complex apps

● Framework size is small

● Needs less optimization

● Virtual DOM makes updates easier

● It gives easy access to functions for customization

● Code is manageable even when the application scales

Disadvantages ● Limited SEO

● Might have a challenging learning curve

● Weak accessibility for crawlers

● Complex SPAs

● It does not implement MVC

● Constant updates and libraries can cause poor documentation

● Improper instructions due to React technologies fast acceleration

● It is new and requires time to grow its community

● It requires more time to be popular in the digital market

● They cannot use it for large-scale projects

● Fewer plugins when compared to Angular and React

● It has performance issues

When to use? ● Building Progressive Web App

● Dynamic content-based websites

● Improving user experience by redesigning

● Extensive Enterprise application that has a complex infrastructure

●  AngularJS Developers can help to Upgrade web app design

● Simple projects are directly written in JavaScript

● Apps having Inactive and active states

● Navigating web apps

● It can handle easily complex structure for websites

● Animations and interactive elements

● If you need a prototype without any advanced skills

● The app needs seamless integration with multiple applications

● You want to launch the MVP faster.



Boost your web development with the ReactJS Development tools. You know that there is no shortage of JavaScript developers. We have shared with you some tools that will skyrocket your business.

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