Top Real Estate Technology Companies You Should Know

Real Estate

Real estate is land, buildings, and environmental assets like agriculture, minerals, and irrigation; permanent assets of this sort; an interest engaged in this (also) a piece of actual land, (more broadly) buildings or houses in particular.

Private possessions, such as automobiles, yachts, jewels, furniture, equipment, and a farm’s rolling inventory, is separate from real estate because it is temporarily tied to the ground.

Top Real Estate Companies


RentSpree is one of the best real estate organizations that offers award-winning technology used all over the United States for its lease verification system, tenant administration, partnerships programs, and tenant monitoring interface. This allows any system to integrate an automation screening system in as little as seven days.

RentSpree is based in Los Angeles, California, and they aspire to significantly impact the real estate industry within the United States!

Their goal is to create a unique renting procedure that allows all tenants, landlords, and brokers to connect in the most beneficial way.


Lianjia, also called Home Link, is an online-to-offline real estate brokerage. Both through website and smartphone application, it offers a brokerage platform for the acquisition and renting of real estate. The corporation also maintains offline real estate agents that provide similar services.

In China’s physical and digital real estate services sector, the company holds a 7% market share. In December 2015, Home Link Network stated that the company was bringing up a round of investment and planning an IPO. Huasheng Capital, a Chinese Renaissance Partners-led private equity vehicle, provided $926 million in funding. As key stakeholders, Baidu Inc and Tencent Enterprises entered the round.


Ziroom is a business that rents out leased apartments. Estate hunters can use the firm’s portal to go across numerous properties and obtain detailed information like the location, region, pricing, and facilities given, among other things. Landowners who want to commercialize their assets should register with the firm. It leases properties for long periods and then resells them as premium lodging. In addition, it provides property administration services.


The loft is a real estate company that sells homes digitally. Landowners may seek a proposal and set up a property tour by filling out an application form digitally. A proposal is made depending on the property survey conducted by the organization. Paperwork help is available from the organization. Clients can search the firm’s web page for existing properties and purchase the one they want—additionally, the company partners with institutions like CAIXA, Bradesco, and Itau to provide loan solutions.


QuintoAndar is a leasing real estate agency that operates online. Property hunters can enter their desired area and receive a record of available properties on the website. Users can plan tours and purchase properties once they’ve been approved. From taking quality images to sealing the contract, the organization assists landowners in leasing their properties. The owners pay a predetermined charge to the corporation, which generates money.


PropertyGuru Corporation is an internet-based real estate web website. It allows clients to enter an address and get a shortlist of related licensed properties with features including purchase history, community analysis, trade publications, and much more. The portal gives details on a variety of mortgage options. Property builders and real estate brokers can use the eProperty Tracking system to interact with one another, advertise real properties, monitor transactions, boost conversions, communicate with domestic and foreign real estate brokers, evaluate marketing ROI, and more.

Mofang Apartments

Mofang Apartments, a Chinese property leasing company, offers standardized elevated property leases in China’s big towns, primarily to white-collar employees and experts. Property administration, maintenance, and shipment handling are all services provided by Mofang. Provides rental payment options for tenants in collaboration with banking firms and online finance firms such as Bank of Beijing and P2P lending site It has 80 owned service apartments in over 10 Chinese cities that include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.


Kitopi is a developer of a cloud-based platform for companies that solely supply meals. Food companies with shipment facilities can launch their digital shops with the help of the agency. Technology, business solutions, help desk, shipment monitoring, and other services are also available.


Krypton Facility is a supervised collaboration platform that focuses on freelancers and small businesses. Private workspaces, customized desks, and other services are available through the agency. Meeting halls, conference halls, function spaces, lounges, and Internet are just a few of the services available.


Cjia is a Chinese company that offers trademarked housing units. The business works with landowners to give white-collar professionals customized lodging. Interested tenants can look through the homes featured on the agency’s website and apply for rents (ranging from one month to up to a year) by paying the corresponding costs digitally. Landlords who want to join the organization can sign up online. Each listed landowner pays a one-time joining cost, monthly service and administration cost, and 5% of the earned monthly income.


Convene is a co-working facility management company. The firm provides learning spaces, conference halls, and business spaces, among other services. Broadband services, drinks, and function venues are among the services available. Catering is also available through the agency. IBM, BOMBAS, and BVN, and others, are some of the firm’s clients.

These websites provide a benefit of a thorough screening process that is essential for protecting oneself, business property, and all your other renters. It also defends you from obligation as a result of your fresh renter’s activities.

History of Evictions

It’s crucial to know how your candidate feels about paying their lease timely and consistently. Evictions in the earlier court documents, renter verdicts, and writs and eviction orders are all signs of past rent nonpayment and should be considered throughout the screening process.

It’s a great move to double-check your renter’s references. A successful automated background check may incorporate reference confirmation into the operation, creating the application more trustworthy and allowing you to do things apart from call or message past owners.

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