Top Tips to Stay Productive in 2021

After a year of huge change and pressures to our daily routine, 2021 has likely begun just like last year finished for you: slightly bewildering and hard to keep on top of things. And although we may already be used to the fact that this year will continue with the ‘new normal’ of Covid-induced isolation, that doesn’t mean we’re finding it any easier to manage our time and work. 

There’s no shame in admitting your productivity has hit a wall. Feeling somewhat deflated and hopeless seems to be a ‘new normal’ too. So here are some great tips on how to stay productive and keep ticking off your to-do’s.

Master your morning routine

Starting your day the right way is essential to making sure it ends rightly too. Not everyone is an early riser, but simple AM activities like eating a hearty nutritional breakfast or enjoying a half-hour of calming meditation can do wonders for your peace of mind. For a supercharged morning add in an energizing morning workout too. 

Make your lists achievable 

Managing your daily tasks is no easy feat, particularly for those who aren’t naturally organized. But if you use a weekly planner to set out your to-do’s, suddenly the seemingly endless list might not seem so impossible to accomplish. By having a forecasted outlook on your week, your time can be managed smoothly and efficiently – especially now when the comfort of your home makes procrastination seem like the easier option. Always take one step at a time and remember to prioritize. 

Stay connected when it matters

Your calendar may well be full of scheduled Zoom calls or Google Meetups, but it’s still important that you switch off if your private working space feels invaded. Don’t be afraid to keep calls short when a deadline looms closer and scheduling specific times to connect with others can take the pressure off other commitments getting in the way. 

Keep your space tidy 

The old saying of ‘tidy room, tidy mind’ has never felt more true. Whether we’ve liked it or not, some of us have been forced to turn our bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms into makeshift offices. As a result, it’s worth sprucing up and decluttering your workplace at the end of every day, ready for tomorrow’s new set of challenges. It’s your own personal space, so be creative and make it your place of zen. 

Make self-care a priority 

The reality is that the solitude of lockdown has caused poor mental health and a lot of people are struggling to stay productive. So make sure your happiness takes priority if you’re feeling low. Whenever ‘me-time’ is needed, stick on your favorite podcast, boil up a special warming tea, or even journal your feelings of angst into a notepad. 

When the panic of staying productive becomes too much to cope with, take a pause and breathe. There’s plenty of tips and techniques to help you manage and organize your busy schedule. Ultimately, the most important thing you can do in 2021 is to remember things can only get better!

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