What are the Top 10 Tools for Image Background Remover?

Are you a newbie or a photographer and looking for user-friendly image background remover tools? You are at the right place. In this article, I have concluded the top 10 online websites with their pros, drawbacks, and many more features.

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Here is a long list of background remover apps for you:

  1. Free Background Remover
  2. Removal.ai
  3. Pic Wish
  4. Clipping Magic
  5. Cutout.Pro
  6. Malabi
  7. Photoscissors
  8. Pixlr
  9. Remover. bg
  10. Background Eraser

Let’s check them out one by one!

1. Freebackgroundremover

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Free Background Remover tool is the first website I recommend. This app is convenient to use. It allows removing the remove background from image scene on mobile, laptop, or personal computer with a single tap.

It verifies your objects by using AI algorithms and erases the background so fast within your eye blink. The method is relatively easy than others.

  1. Open the  freebackgroundremover
  2. Select the “choose files” option for uploading images on this website.
  3. Then, remove the background by selecting the remove bg option.
  4. Lastly, press the download button and save the image to your device.

That’s it!

  • Easy-to-use tool
  • Erase background while maintaining image quality
  • Give 100% accurate results
  • Remove the image back scene 100% automatically
  • Erase free unlimited picture backgrounds
  • Set no size limit for image upload
  • Get more picture editing options through paid manual services
  • This website does not share your data with third parties

It removes backgrounds from unlimited images free of cost. Subscribe to their manual services if you need more picture editing options.

2. Removal.ai

My second recommendation is the removal.ai website for removing the picture backgrounds. It is totally free, and user-friendly, and erases image backgrounds instantly. I placed it in the 2nd position because of its one drawback.

You have to upload the image clearly because sometimes the AI of this tool gets failed to detect the image back scene. Solid color backgrounds will go best with this website, and it is not advanced as other background-removing tools here.

  • Remove the image backdrop instantly
  • Add texts or effects to pictures
  • Efficient and reliable to use

This tool provides free image background removal services limited to 30 images. Their subscription plan starts with 40 pictures.

3. Pic Wish

In my list, Pic Wish is on the third number. The process of using it is pretty easier. This tool also works on AI technology and removes the image background immediately.

  1. Open the tool.
  2. Upload your image.
  3. Download the picture when the background is removed.
  • Simple to use
  • Crop your image
  • Other basic photo editing options are available

This tool provides services to its users free of charge. But, this website does not give any good results during the crop of the image.

4. Clipping Magic

The clipping magic tool is advanced and easy to use on mobile or laptops. Upload your picture and clear the background by clicking on the red marker on the website. This tool provides fewer features free of cost for non-commercial purposes. For commercial purposes, buy their subscription plans to avail yourself of their advanced features.

The drawback is their prices are not good enough.

  • Background and foreground marker
  • Better hair selection tool

This app removes unlimited images background without any cost. But, removing the watermark subscription requires.

5. Cutout. Pro

I; recommend Cutout. Pro website also because it provides excellent services on mobile than on a computer. Otherwise, this website is better to use as it helps in removing the background from pictures and videos. It will instantly erase your image or visual content back scene. Easily crop your photos and add text to them according to your wishes.

The Cutout. Pro tool subscription plans are too high; some people cannot afford them easily.

  • Automatic image background eraser
  • Remove back scenes from images and videos
  • Erase your unwanted objects

This website offers five free credits. Afterward, you have to buy their subscription plans.

6. Malabi

Malabi is another photo background remover website I recommend. It will remove your photograph back scenes with a single tap. Open the Malabi app and load your image. After that, an image will appear in front of you with a white backdrop. Download the image on your mobile or laptop.

The drawback of this app, it does not provide satisfactory results.

  • Remove the image back scene 100% automatically
  • Easy to use
  • Use it for unlimited pictures

Their subscription plan options such as starter plan (20 images per month), standard plan (200 images), and premium plan (700 images).

7. Photoscissors

Photoscissors is an online tool it removes the backdrop of busy images and provides incredible results. Upload your image within the size limit of 10MB maximum and 4MB minimum. Afterward, this tool will do magic to your image and erase the background within 3 to 4 seconds. Download your image with no backdrop on your device.

One drawback of this photoscissors app is they have a set size limit for image upload. Whereas, on the freebackgorundremover tool, there is an exceptional option in that you are free to upload images of any size.

  • Give tutorials
  • Remove background instantly
  • Erase backdrops from tricky things like hair

It provides free services. But, when you download their app on a mobile or laptop, they provide paid manual services.

8. Pixlr

The Pixlr is in the 8th position on my list. It removes the image’s background on its own by using complex algorithms. You can select any white or colorful back scene for your photograph; it’s up to you.

The method is fairly easy. Upload your picture on the Pixlr website and erase its background. After that, download it on your mobile with a transparent or color backdrop.

The major drawback of this app that irritates me most is, it does not provide accurate results like other software.

  • Use both on mobile and laptop
  • Erase the image background multiple times
  • It’s user-friendly
  • Immediately remove the image backdrop

It provides limited services. For higher usage avail of their subscription plan.

9. Remove Bg

Remove Bg tool for erasing image background is also included in my list. It provides good image background removing results by using AI-based technology. Firstly, open the remove bg app. Load your image on this website and remove the background within seconds. Afterward, save the picture with no back scene on your device.

The feature I don’t like about this app is that sometimes it does not recognize the background and remove the object. So, it’s the most irritating thing I face while using this app. Also, it takes high charges for better image resolution downloads.

  • Upload pictures from android or IOS and mobile
  • Remove image background 100% automatically
  • Stunning image quality

It’s free to use for only 40 previews. For higher usage, buy their subscription plans.

10. Background Eraser

The background eraser tool for removing the image backdrop is last on my list. It helps remove the photo back scene within three different styles.

  1. Erase the background of your picture by maintaining its quality.
  2. The tool will make changes to your photos according to the selection of your options.
  3. Lastly, their manual services give you all of the control.

Quite simple to use, upload the image to the background eraser tool. Get your photo with no back-scene with a single click. Afterward, save it on your device.

The unliking feature of this app, it contains ads that are irritating and distractive for the users.

  • Easy to use
  • Give basic image editing options
  • Provide three ways to remove background from images

It provides limited services for free. For unlimited services, need to buy their subscription plans.

It’s my list of the top 10 tools. I started it with the best one and ended with the most satisfactory one.

Last Words!

In my opinion, people often get puzzles on the internet by seeing various options. That’s why I provided you with the top 10 tools in this post that are best according to my observations. I have used them all and then set them according to their features for you from high to lowest.

Some of them that I recommend provide commendable features free of cost. But, some websites allow using their features only when you subscribe to them. So, select any one of the websites from the top 10 options according to your requirements.

As per my experience, many people do not like to use online websites for erasing picture back scenes because the server often gets down. In that case, they prefer to choose the app options, and the background remover app stands out in the user experience.

Keep in mind; you can use these apps for simple shape images. But, for pro editing options, you need to go for other apps like photoshop. Use any one of them and tell us in the comment section which app goes best for you.