Top Trends in Marketing 2022: Reality or Not?

Marketing is an extremely developed area of business, which continues performing new products and chips for the employees, businessmen and investors. From this point of view, people start having more opportunities to promote their business, attract more customers and gain popularity among the competitors.

People are finding more and more ways to make as much money as possible in the short term and gain a leading position in the market. From this point of view, the successful start of your business requires consultation and cooperation with BELKINS’, which provides different services for your welfare.

Trend №1: Promoting Short Videos

TikTok has become so popular in all countries of the world that other social networking platforms have also started to copy the experience of this project and create something similar. For example, Instagram has already created the Reels project, which offers the creation of short videos as promoting the brand.

Along with this, many brands continue investing in small formats and creating special videos in terms of the exact topic. In this case, short videos will attract the traffic. 

Trend №2: D2C Model as an Advertising Aspect

D2C is a special model of interaction between the employee and the customer, when the connection can be indirect. The company not only uses direct suppliers, but directly communicates with clients through its unique spheres – Internet store, website, social media. This service suggests the following issues:

  • support from the brand’s side;
  • utilizing special app;
  • beautiful package. 

The development of the given model requires a lot of effort and time from the employees’ sides in order to get a desired result.

Trend №3: Hybrid Phenomenon

Personalized applications involve users in frequent use and exposure of the brand. However, customers are looking to gain more access to the brands they interact with the most. 

Along with this, it does not imply that companies should develop all new channels and provide new-coming services. It is significant to follow the interests of the public and suggest a hybrid model – when utilizers interact with the brand through the channels they prefer.

Trend №4: Rejection of Specific Cookies

The refusal of concrete cookies is identified by the request of clients for the confidentiality of the data. Users demand that their personal information will be safe. They do not like it when data about preferences and visits comes to advertisers. 

With the help of specific cookies, marketers got additional data about the utilizer’s interests: what sites exactly do they visit, what topics do they read, what goods do they buy. Specialists constantly use this data to install targeting and publics in ads. 

Trend №5: Modified Payment

In case you want to improve sales, provide users with all available methods to pay you. Payment methods, installment algorithms and bill payment are all possible. You may use the most popular payment formats among users, such as purchases on social media, though bots, etc.


Trends in marketing are rapidly developing, because every year new technologies are created to promote goods and attract a larger audience. However, there are many analogues to ensure that the product is effective and there is a quality advertisement for it. From this point of view, every business owner will be able to promote his business, which will positively affect the future of the company or enterprise. 

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