Top Trends That Will Shape Home Furnishing Shopping in 2021

With the New Year upon us, it’s as good a time as any to reflect on the ways in which the pandemic has shaped trends in home furnishing and interior design. Being unable to travel or leave their homes, people are beginning to discover that they can bring color and culture into their spaces.

Colors, textures, and themes are slowly taking over previous trends of minimalism and subtle tones. Here’s a quick overview of some leading trends that are going to shape home furnishing for the year ahead:

Show us the texture

Whether they’re wooden counters with detailed ridges or plush fluffy loveseats, textured furniture is becoming a centrepiece in everyone’s home. For those with more subtle tastes, fluted glass panes are a great way to introduce some texture without being too loud.

There’s also textured wallpaper, to give your walls a pop of color and make a statement. Lines seem to be making waves in 2021 and will continue to leave their impression on countertops, bars, and even doors or bed frames.

Texture is also a great way to add some more dimension to basic pieces of furniture. For cloud-like comfort, there’s nothing quite like a Puffy mattress – try setting one on a bed-frame that is decorated with more ornate detail for a bedroom that is as cozy as it is visually appealing.

Open plan into a broken plan

While open floor plans made their mark in the early 2000s, they’re slowly being replaced by ‘broken plans’. As families try to integrate their lifestyles together or simply to give it more meaning and versatility, spaces are being repurposed to allow two worlds to work together simultaneously.

‘Broken plans’ refer to cleverly disguised and practical solutions for space division. For instance: instead of putting up walls, use bookcases or steps to break up space. This way, there’s a feeling of division without having to truly segregate spaces.

The reason why open concepts were so popular in the 2000s was the social aspect of it. People wanted to be more connected with their families. With the broken plan, family members can continue to share space comfortably without necessarily having to live on top of each other.

Bring the outdoors back in

Perhaps due to being locked in and not being able to go anywhere, indoor plants are beginning to make their way into homes. It started with potted plants, but today, you can find vertical gardens in people’s pantries, as well as succulents in the nursery.

Being able to have access to fresh vegetables and herbs are propelling this trend forward. It’s not enough to have greenery lining your balcony, people are also turning to moving outdoor furniture indoors, turning their den into cave-like rooms.

Another emerging trend is the use of recycled items, in a bid to be more eco-friendly. Termed “biophilic design”, it’s a design that takes into consideration human’s innate desire to be connected with nature. The eco-friendly design will also be a driving force behind the newer trends that we will soon evolve into in 2021.

Everyday consumers are starting to become a lot more conscious about what they are consuming and bringing into their homes. With a renewed sense of purpose to protect the planet, reusing and repurposing will find their way into more houses, on top of sustainable living, to make for homes and spaces that are more conscientious and cozy than ever.

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