Top Video Production Companies in India

Creator-based content is the present and future of the marketing and economy. The majority of brands, marketing companies, etc. are actively engaging with video production companies to create videos. 

The HubSpot and Wyzowl research ‘State of Video Marketing Survey’ report stated that more than 91% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool.

Grynow research indicated that 67% of the consumers engaged with video content like Video Ads, Social Media Videos, Product demos, FAQs, Unboxings, Reviews, Testimonials, etc. to learn about a product or brand.

The world has stepped into an arena where creativity and innovation are of prime importance. In this condition, an infusion of creativity and innovation in digital video production is an absolute necessity. An experienced and expert video production company can provide essential services to businesses and brands. 

Top Video Production Services That Can Be Availed By Brands

Video production agencies provide video production services in many formats. The video formats are specifically curated according to the targeted objective. The following are the video formats offered by the video companies in the industry:-

  1. Social Media Videos: Most consumption on social media is done via Videos. The user behaviour indicates that the attention span is less than 8 seconds. If the video is not creative then the consumer will shift to the next video. 
  2. Video Ads: Creators have the loyalty and trust of their followers. When they create a video for a video production house, then the video is already laced up with promises and the advertising videos have the highest chance of spearheading the consumers’ orientations. 
  3. Explainer Videos: Audio-visual memory is considered to stay longer in the conscious memory than reading the content. The explainer videos help a customer to get aware of the product or service. 
  4. Testimonials: Testimonials are considered to have a very positive impact on the buyer’s consciousness. As the testimonials provide first-hand experience from another user, which is considered highly reliable and trustworthy.
  5. Product Videos: Product videos created by top video production companies are a great way to connect with the audience. It consists of all the necessary information about any product. The videos can easily explain all the know-how, intricacies, uses, services, etc. 
  6. Documentaries: Documentaries are a great way to connect with the consumers. Master storytelling binds the viewers and we all know that people buy stories, not products or services. 

Which are the Top Video Production Houses in India?

  1. Vidzy: Vidzy is the leading video production company. It is laced up with unmatched video production services. With a highly qualified video experts team, it has delivered numerous successful influencer-based brand videos like Zomato, One Plus, Mamaearth, Puma, Paytm etc. The produced videos provide scope to be aware, entertain, engage, educate and convert viewers and consumers into buyers. The influencers-based videos are enriched with innovation, creativity, and trends, which can be utilised on social media platforms, websites, paid ads, email marketing, e-commerce marketplaces etc.
  2. Grynsta: Grynsta’s expertise lies in producing customized videos according to industry trends. It enrols creators to provide the best video production and create brand videos. The professional video production company has a huge database of creators who are onboarded to create the best-produced videos possible. The video content agency provides highly affordable and efficient services.
  3. IGYgrow: The video production studio is renowned for trustworthiness and personal attention in curating videos. Among the best video production companies, IGYgrow shows unique characteristics. The creative video agency provides personal brand managers for video production across all niches. The history of the video production studio suggests that they provide a higher return on Investment. 
  4. YTube SEO: YTube SEO provides full-service video production. The agency works in segmentation to provide the best possible produced videos to brands. The services include video pre-production, Ongoing video production and video post-production services. They trust a data-driven approach and through the expert analysis of the latest trends, this video-making company works in tandem with creators to produce creators-based brand videos. The videos leverage the authority of creators. 
  5. IGPackages: IGPackages is a content production company which specializes in curating top-notch videos. The produced videos are in line with the latest trends. This creative video company partners with influencers to produce influencer-based videos. They utilize the latest tools and technologies to create creator-based videos.


The latest marketing phenomena push brands and businesses to adapt to recent marketing trends. A video production studio can create doors to untapped landscapes for the brands. Brands must understand the potential these best video production companies extend. Engaging with a creative video production company will exponentially increase the scope of engagement and awareness of the brands.

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