Tracking Your Order With Precision on the Internet With Complete Ease

Online Parcel Tracking: How to Get Precise Tracking Data

It is safe to say that the future of the world is being built on the internet. This is evident in the number of sectors and industries that are moving or already making plans to move their businesses to the web. One obvious reason for this is that going forward, the majority of the world’s population will depend wholly on the internet for their daily survival. Sectors like entertainment, communication, and commerce are already making headway in the internet space, but in this article, we will only be talking about commerce.

As of today, e-commerce is gradually replacing traditional commerce. With over 1 billion visitors on the internet daily, this new trend of electronic commerce is here to stay. Among all the major challenges e-commerce will face, parcel tracking and monitoring seem to be the most challenging.

According to a study, 36% of shoppers buy products online because they believe they can monitor the goods’ movement. This is to say that the growth of the e-commerce sector will be judged based on its order tracking solutions. Courier services like China Post are currently inventing new ways for customers to use their China post tracking numbers to have a better experience monitoring their orders from anywhere in the world.

Order Tracking And Obtaining Tracking Data From The Web

When an order has been placed to purchase a certain item from an online store, the store usually asks before payment for the preferred methods of shipment. The selected option will determine how fast the goods can be delivered and the delivery cost. For most shoppers, free shipping always seems to be the right choice. The vendor, seeing your selected shipping option, sends your package to the post office, where a tracking number will be assigned to the package.

This tracking code makes it easier for shoppers to monitor the goods’ movement and receive regular status updates from the internet. Note that before an order can be tracked, the buyer must first select a shipment option that makes the goods eligible for tracking.

To begin tracking your order, you must wait at least 2-3 days for the courier service to upload the goods’ tracking details on the web. Once this has been done, you can simply log into any web tracking portal to keep tabs on your package. Among all the available free web tracking portals, Ordertracker seems to be the best and most informative. The platform, built with an automated tracking system, allows customers to monitor bulk packages from different courier services simultaneously. Ordertracker also provides its users access to over 1200 courier services in about 200+ countries.

Understanding Terms and Codes Used In Order Tracking

Most tracking platforms use shortcodes to update shoppers on their shipment status. Some of these codes are tricky and, most of the time, difficult to understand. Here are explanations for some popular tracking statuses. 

  • Goods are currently in transit to your specified destination.
  • Awaiting Shipping : The goods have been packed and are waiting to be delivered to the courier service for shipment.
  • Partially Shipped-This means only some selected items from your order were shipped or eligible for shipment.
  • Order Cancellation : The vendor has canceled the order due to a lack of inventory for the product.
  • Disputed Order : The vendor has marked the buyer as fraudulent, or the buyer has intimated a dispute resolution for the order payment transaction.
  • Pending Payment : The customer’s payment is yet to be verified.

Bottom Line

Thanks to the harmonization of information in the e-commerce sector, getting access to accurate tracking information is easy. To access this information, register your tracking code on any verified order tracking portal and every detail of your goods will be available at your fingertips.

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