How Trade Shows Can Benefit Your Business’ Marketing

Whether your business is brand new or one of long-standing, taking the plunge to spend time and money on an industry trade show can be a tough decision. There is more to making that decision than tallying potential sales. Trade shows can have a tremendous impact on your business’s marketing plan. However, to get the most out of that, experts recommend taking advantage of exposition services for just the right set up.

trade shows and what they can mean image 49392939495There are several ways in which a trade show appearance can build your business reputation and set up sales for the future. The impact might not be immediate. The contacts you make may set up sales down the road. Experts say more than three-quarters of the visitors to trade shows pass along the information they get even if they don’t necessarily act on it themselves.

Develop a Film Strategy

To get the most out of your trade show experience, industry experts recommend going into the experience with a firm strategy in place. What is the primary goal of your business? Once that’s established, do the work beforehand to let people know your business will be an exhibitor. After the event, make sure to follow up on the contacts generated during the show. 

Showcase Products

Trade shows provide opportunities to showcase your products, and your people face to face to an audience that’s already targeted to your needs. While direct sales might not be your primary goal, marketing experts say you should have something to sell. It adds interest to your booth. Also, this is an excellent opportunity to provide some giveaway that will allow you to get customer contact information for marketing efforts after the event. 

Level the Playing Field

Another aspect of participating in trade shows that can benefit your business marketing efforts is its tendency to level the playing field. You have a booth right there with some of the more prominent names in your business, so it can do a lot to build a business’s reputation. Experts say, though, that you should choose carefully. The biggest trade show in your industry might not want where you want to start. Smaller displays can also pay off in sales and business contacts.  

The key is in setting your goals and doing your research. Make sure the right demographics will be attending the event to enable you to be successful.

Scope out the Competition

Finally, one aspect that can’t be ignored is that trade shows provide a business with the opportunity to see what the competition is doing and what the latest market trends are. Not only should you plan to staff an exhibit, but you should also have someone free to examine the competition. Knowing what they are doing can help your business plan more strategically for the future. 


Once the event is over, your marketing opportunities are still there. Your business can follow up with new contacts, cement existing relationships, and develop a better idea of the return on your investment and how to maximize your next experience on the trade show floor.


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