Trade The Pool Review

Trade The Pool is a pioneering prop trading firm looking to open the markets to more people. Their fresh approach to trading helps you achieve financial success and connects you with a community of like-minded traders.

Trade The Pool offers easy access to stock markets worldwide, allowing many to pursue trading as a viable career. They have four account options, from Mini to Ultimate Buying Power, to suit different trading needs. Special features like “Pump and Dump” help maximize opportunities. Newcomers can try a 14-day free trial, and payouts are transparent thanks to a partnership with Deel. With this knowledge, you can delve deeper into what the company offers, or if you have been dealing in investments in other platforms like hedge funds, this prop firm is for you.

The Trader Evolution platform gives you access to over 12,000 stocks and ETFs. Trade The Pool aims to educate and empower traders at all levels. They provide useful tools for analyzing trends, discovering new stocks, and collaborating with other members.

Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, Trade the Pool opens up exciting possibilities for generating income through trading. Their supportive community and wealth of resources help you evolve as a trader in a safe, ethical environment. 

If you’re ready to take control of your financial future, Trade The Pool offers an accessible on-ramp to the thrilling world of stocks. To learn more about Trade The Pool, here is a detailed Trade The Pool review.

How Trade The Pool Works

To become a funded trader with Trade The Pool, you go through a straightforward evaluation process. Complete at least 30 trades within 45 days to qualify. The key to remember here is your daily loss limit since it determines your profit target and max drawdown. The daily drawdown limit varies for each account depending on the account size.

Once approved, Trade The Pool provides you with a funded stock trading account to use for a profit share. You keep 70-80% of the profits, while Trade The Pool takes the rest as payment. The profit share percentage depends on the account size.

Trade The Pool handles all the account management so you can focus on trading. They deal with brokers, reporting, and compliance requirements. You need to log in and start trading!

What Are The Trade The Pool Accounts Options?

Trade The Pool offers four account options to suit your individual trading needs. Each account provides a different level of buying power, along with specific requirements and benefits.

Mini Buying Power

For those looking to dip their toes into trading, the Mini Buying Power account supplies $20,000 in buying power for $97. This account is ideal if you’re starting and want to begin small while learning the ropes.

Super Buying Power

With $80,000 in buying power for $300, the Super Buying Power account suits intermediate traders wanting to expand their portfolios. This option provides more substantial buying power to invest in complex trades and strategies.

Extra Buying Power

For $475, the Extra Buying Power account boosts your buying power to $160,000. This account suits experienced traders looking to make larger investments and engage in more advanced trading techniques. The increased buying power means you can take on bigger positions and capitalize on more opportunities.

Ultimate Buying Power

The Ultimate Buying Power account furnishes an impressive $260,000 buying power for $1,240. This premium account is tailored to highly skilled traders wanting to deploy sophisticated trading strategies with considerable buying power. For the serious trader, the Ultimate Buying Power account provides the means to maximize your trading potential.

Trade The Pool’s tiered account options mean there’s a solution for traders at every level. Whether you’re just starting or an expert looking to up your game, Trade The Pool has an account with the perfect amount of buying power for your needs. Choosing the right account for your trading level and goals is key to success.

What is The Trade The Pool Payout Structure?

The payout structure with Trade The Pool is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve reached a profit equal to one day’s maximum loss for your account type, you can withdraw funds every 14 days.

Mini Buying Power (BP): $300

Your maximum daily loss is $300 if you have a Mini account. So, when your account shows a total profit of $300, you can request a withdrawal.

Super Buying Power (BP): $700

For Super accounts, the max daily loss is $700. Reach a total profit of $700, and you’re ready to withdraw.

Extra Buying Power (BP): $1300

Extra BP accounts can lose up to $1300 per day. Gain back $1300 in profits, and withdraws open up.

Ultimate Buying Power (BP): $2000

Ultimate accounts have the highest max daily loss at $2000. Once your total profits hit $2000, you’re able to withdraw.

The withdrawal process itself is straightforward. You log in to your Trade The Pool account, go to the withdrawal section, select your preferred withdrawal method like bank transfer or wire, enter the details and amount you want to withdraw, and submit your request. Most withdrawals are processed within 3 to 5 business days.

TTP Special Features

TTP offers unique features designed to help traders manage risk. These include but are not limited to:

The Reset/Bypass Button

This handy feature allows you to reset your daily loss allowance. The cost for a reset depends on your account size:

  • Mini Buying Power: $25
  • Super Buying Power: $50
  • Extra Buying Power: $100
  • Ultimate Buying Power: $250

Resetting your loss allowance gives you a chance to start over with a clean slate if you’ve hit your maximum loss for the day. It’s a useful option to keep trading without waiting for your allowance to reset overnight.

Pump and Dump

TTP’s “Pump and Dump” features let you dynamically adjust your daily loss allowance on the fly. If trading is going well and you want to increase your buying power, use the “Pump” feature to boost your allowance. If your losses start adding up, use the “Dump” feature to lower your allowance and reduce risk.

The “Pump” and “Dump” features provide flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions. They allow traders to be more aggressive on profitable days but tighten the reins quickly when trades start going south. These innovative tools, combined with the Reset/Bypass button, give TTP members more control and help them manage risk so they can stay in the game.

The Trade The Pool Pros and Cons Based on Online Reviews

Like everything else, the Trade The Pool is not flawless. But for this firm, the pros outnumber the cons making it an amazing investment firm. On that note, here are key Trade The Pool pros and cons based on online reviews:


  • The team boasts extensive experience and a strong standing from
  • Four unique account sizes are available to suit various trading requirements.
  • Innovative “Pump and Dump” functionalities designed for dynamic trading.
  • New traders can avail of a 14-day trial period at no cost.
  • Access is granted to a diverse range of over 12,000 stocks and ETFs.
  • Responsive customer support is accessible through multiple communication channels.


  • Prospective traders face demanding evaluation prerequisites.
  • Limited availability of promotional incentives for specific evaluation programs.

Is Trade the Pool Worth It? Our Verdict on Trade The Pool Review

Trade The Pool has been gaining traction as an emerging prop firm, and for good reason. Based on reviews from actual traders, TTP seems to deliver on its promises of providing the tools and support for traders of all skill levels to thrive.

If you’re looking for a prop firm to help take your trading to the next level, Trade The Pool is a great option. With competitive fees, tailored guidance, and a supportive community, TTP has the makings of a place where traders of all skill levels can thrive. 

Why not give their free trial a go and see for yourself? You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole new level of trading to gain. Click here to start trading on the Trade the Pool today.