TraderVue Reviews & Ratings: How Useful Is This Unique Platform?

Tradervue is a unique platform that combines the elements of a trading journal with the features of a social media platform. Instead of just logging and analyzing trades, users can share their trading histories and insights with a global community. This review will delve into how both new and experienced traders can benefit from Tradervue’s functionalities. We’ll explore its features, understand its benefits, and determine how it can help improve trading strategies.

What is TraderVue?

Founded in 2011 by Greg Reinacker, Tradervue has established itself as a leading trading performance tracking and analysis tool. With origins in Denver, Colorado, this platform is more than just a trading journal. It allows traders to view, analyze, and even share their trades within a thriving community of over 100,000 users.

Before Tradervue, Greg was no stranger to the tech world. He successfully founded NewsGator in 2004, a company that evolved into a global entity. When he moved on from NewsGator, he channeled his expertise into creating Tradervue, emphasizing a unique blend of trading analysis with social engagement.

In essence, Tradervue provides a straightforward yet comprehensive solution for traders, offering features that make trade tracking effortless while promoting a sense of community through its integrated social media elements.

TraderVue Features

  • Advanced Analysis Tools: Dig deep with Tradervue’s comprehensive tools, such as liquidity reports, risk analysis, and loss charts. Each is designed to offer in-depth analysis of your trading history.
  • Trading Journals: Track your trading journey! Record trades, trading methodologies, and see performance over time.
  • Unlimited Trade Entries: No cap on trade entries. Tradervue accommodates your entire trading history.
  • Trade Import Function: A hassle-free experience. Directly import trades from a myriad of brokers, including big names like Ally Invest, eSignal, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, Webull, Oanda, and tastyworks.
  • Trade Notes: Reflect on your trades. Tradervue’s chronological note-taking system helps you record decisions, reasons, and even incorporate images.
  • Tagging & Filtering: Organize and find trades easily. Tag them, filter by date, symbol, side, or search by tags to quickly review specific trades or patterns.
  • Chart Analysis: Visualize your trades. Multiple charts, varying time frames, and technical studies are at your fingertips. Plus, entry and exit points are visibly marked, and profit/loss over time is showcased.
  • Dynamic Reports: Make informed decisions. Generate several report types based on imported trades, such as volume, daily or cumulative profit & loss, win percentages, and more.
  • Risk Analysis: Evaluate trade risks. Tradervue’s tool gives a visual representation of risk-adjusted performance.
  • Liquidity Analysis: Assess your impact. The liquidity report gauges if you’re adding or removing liquidity in the market.
  • Social Sharing and Interaction: Engage with the community. Share trades, notes, or view others’ trades. The platform allows selective sharing and interactions with other Tradervue members or external social media platforms like StockTwits, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Blog: Stay updated. Tradervue’s blog informs about platform updates, offers insights, and facilitates user interaction through comments.

TraderVue Reviews & Ratings

Unfortunately, TraderVue Reviews & Ratings from review websites, such as Trustpilot are extremely limited. If you would like a different perspective from an established source, check out this Modest Money TraderVue Review.  

TraderVue Pros & Cons


  • Trading Journal Advantage: Tradervue excels as an analysis tool, especially when it comes to its trading journal capabilities. Successful traders frequently underscore the importance of keeping a meticulous trading history, and Tradervue delivers.
  • Depth of Data: For those seeking depth analysis, you’ll find detailed loss charts, which can aid in refining your trading strategy.
  • Adaptable For All: Whether you’re a newbie or have a rich trading history, the platform’s interface is friendly. Its flexibility supports multiple time frames and strategies.
  • Diverse Asset Handling: From stock trades to other financial instruments, Tradervue is versatile. This broad range is a boon for traders dabbling in multiple asset classes.
  • Unlimited Entries: Active traders will appreciate unlimited trade entries, especially under the Gold and Silver plans. Tracking unlimited trades over various time frames becomes seamless.
  • Engaging Community: Besides its primary features, Tradervue also incorporates social media elements. You can learn and engage with a community of traders, gleaning insights from their experiences.


  • Cost Implications: While Tradervue does offer a free tier, a more in-depth analysis and access to advanced features come at a subscription cost. Comparatively, some might find it pricier than other platforms.
  • Brokerage Limitations: Not all online brokerages are compatible with Tradervue. If your broker isn’t on their list, manual trade notes become a necessity.
  • Lack of Real-Time Data: For traders who heavily rely on real-time data for crucial trading decisions, this platform might fall short.

TraderVue Pricing and Plans:

Tradervue offers three pricing tiers: Basic, Silver, and Gold.

The Basic plan is free. It allows users to log 30 stock trades per month, offers journaling tools, basic reports, and a sharing feature. Activation is quick, requiring just an email.

The Silver plan costs $29/month. It provides unlimited trade entries, enhanced journaling, over 100 advanced reports, MFE/MAE statistics, and the capacity to manage multiple trading accounts.

At $45/month, the Gold plan is the most extensive. It encompasses everything in the Silver plan and adds 300+ advanced reports, risk analysis tools, exit strategies, and commission breakdowns.

For those uncertain about which plan to choose, starting with the Basic option is recommended. If you frequently exceed 100 trades per month, consider the Silver or Gold plans. Both paid tiers offer a 7-day free trial for a closer look.

Is TraderVue Worth It?

For those who actively trade and want a detailed tool to monitor and analyze their actions, Tradervue could be the right match. It offers a comprehensive and user-friendly system designed to enhance trading performance.

Every trader with a substantial amount in their trading account, say a few thousand dollars, should consider maintaining a trading journal. The real question is if Tradervue is the ideal journaling platform for them.

For beginners, Tradervue provides a free journaling option. This allows users to record up to 30 trades each month, note their observations, and add relevant tags. If they choose to upgrade later for more advanced reports, their initial trade data remains stored in the platform, ensuring continuity.

However, there’s an important aspect to consider: customization versus ready-made reports. While some may appreciate the flexibility of customizable analytics tools, they can be time-consuming and may complicate the trend-spotting process. 

On the other hand, Tradervue’s built-in reports simplify this by highlighting common factors that impact traders’ performance. In conclusion, whether or not Tradervue is worth it depends on individual trading needs and preferences.

If after reading this TraderVue reviews & ratings article you think it might be the right fit for you, click here to get started today!