4 Proven Trading Techniques for Beginners

Trading can be very exciting and lucrative. However, can also be dangerous for beginners if they don’t brush up on their knowledge. To become better at trading, you have to treat it like a job; don’t treat it as a hobby or something to simply kill time with. You need to be focused and diligent.

trading techniques for beginners 44k44k44As a first-timer, it’s best to pick just one market to start with, whatever it may be and watch that market for a couple of weeks, per se. This will get you used to the charts, and how they work and move. This is more of an observation time with no real goal in mind other than to take note of what is happening. 

To help you learn clever strategies that will come in handy, Algo Trading Systems can provide you with tons of advice in extensive detail through blogs, articles and workshop information on how to develop a trading system. The best thing is you can start trading with a small capital, and learn how to trade with that small amount. 

When you know you’re ready, you can get into any of these 4 techniques.

Momentum trading

Some of the best traders use momentum trading. They understand that if a market is in a certain trend, and has a lot of momentum in a direction; for instance, upwards, that that trend is going to continue. The trick is to identify true momentum and differentiate between that and which comes across as momentum, but is actually just a little bit of a spike in price. The second thing is to find your entry point:  The idea is to look for a momentum, jump onto it, and let it carry you; somewhat like a surfer catching the waves and riding it through.

Trading techniques for beginners image 438938290892198308Scalping strategy

When using the scalping strategy, we’re talking about seconds, not hours or days. Here, you’re trimming small profits continuously. You enter and exit positions several times a day while trying to make profits during high velocity moves. So, be prepared to act fast and make important decisions in minutes through minute charts. It’s worth noting that because of its short time frames, there’s no room for basic analysis in scalping.

Swing trading

Swing trading is described as a kind of basic trading in which positions are held for longer than a single day, which makes it differ from day trading. Success will also depend on recognizing a trend. Basically, it’s easier to recognize a trend when you see it on a larger scale which is what swing trading can do.

News trading

Major news and events have a strong impact on trading. Good news tends to move the asset price higher, bad news moves it lower.  It sounds easy enough, but the key is to predict the news before it happens, and before it hits the markets.

If you want to get into the game, you first need to examine your relationship with money and learn as much as you can about trading before you actually trade. Observing at the start will help you a lot, since you’ll be able to identify patterns and then choose the strategy in which deems to be the most profitable for you.

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