Tradingview Review 2023: Is This Tool Worth it? 

So, you’ve heard of TradingView? It’s big in the trading world. Over 50 million people worldwide use it, from day traders to those who trade occasionally. What makes it popular? 

People appreciate how fast and easy it is to navigate and that it doesn’t break the bank. TradingView provides current market data from many places, offers tools to analyze data, and has an app for both iOS and Android. 

Plus, there’s a community aspect to it, too. But is TradingView for you? In this TradingView review, we will take a closer look at this tool to help you decide. Don’t worry; we’ll keep things simple.

What is TradingView?

TradingView is more than just a tool. Think of it as a place where charts and social connections come together. The same intelligent folks who gave us MultiCharts are behind TradingView. 

And they’ve made sure you get top-notch charts with TradingView. Also, can you use it on your phone or tablet? Yup, it’s that handy. 

Plus, there’s a whole community of traders on TradingView. It’s a space where you can chat about trading tricks and tools and share some of your ideas.

Features of TradingView

Now, let’s get into the features, and I promise to make it easy to understand. Starting with a TradingView review:

  • HTML5 Chart

These charts let you keep an eye on your favorite stocks. You can even follow an entire market sector if you want. And guess what? You can doodle on your charts, which isn’t something most other tools offer.

  • TradingView Desktop

You can use TradingView on your phone, computer, or their “desktop platform.” The fun fact? Their “desktop” tool still runs in your internet browser. It’s specially made for TradingView, so you won’t get those pesky pop-ups like you might in Chrome. Both versions, mobile and desktop, have their unique features. And don’t worry. It’ll work whether you use Windows, a Mac, or Linux.

  • Stock Alerts

Set up alerts for 12 different things. You’ll know if something changes in a stock’s price. But remember, how many alerts you can set and how long they last depends on your TradingView plan.

  • Stock Screener

Are you looking for some stock inspiration? TradingView can help. Search for stocks your way, whether broad or detailed.

  • Customized Analysis

This is for the pros out there. With TradingView’s Pine script, you can set up charts and indicators just how you like.

  • Pine Script

Pine Script might sound fancy, but it’s a unique feature of TradingView. Pine Script is like their secret code language. If you know Python, you’ll get Pine Script quickly. If not, no worries. TradingView has lessons to help.

  • Paper Trading

You can practice trading on TradingView, even if you don’t use them for real trading. It’s a safe space to test new strategies or learn the ropes.

You should read this post on some prop firms that use TradingView and our piece on Finviz vs Tradingview for a clear picture. 

TradingView Pricing 

Opinions seem divided when you look at what people say about TradingView’s pricing. Some feel their premium options are worth the cost, while others believe the basic level does the job for most users. You need to know the facts and decide for yourself.

If you’re considering choosing their premium services, there’s a perk. By paying for an entire year upfront, you get a reduced rate. Now, let’s break down their plans to help you understand better:

Free plan: This is the most basic plan. With it, you can have one chart layout and get a single server-side alert with three indicators for a single device. You can join their community and see a range of data from around the world. But there’s a catch. You won’t be able to reach their support team if you have questions or issues.

Pro Plan ($9.95-$14.95/month): You’ll notice more features when you upgrade to this level. You’ll get ten alerts and five indicators for every chart you view. And guess what? You won’t be bothered by ads. However, it might be worth thinking about whether you need this option. The next level, Pro+, offers better value for your spending.

Pro+ Plan ($19.95-$29.95/month): This is the middle ground. With Pro+, you can talk to their customer service, work with four-chart layouts, and get even more alerts. The interesting part? Use unique chart styles like Renko, Line Break, Figure, and Kagi. Plus, if you like to make things your way, you can customize your charts to your heart’s content.

Premium Plan ($39.95-$59.95/month): You get the whole experience if you pick this. You’ll have access to every feature TradingView offers. Imagine getting 200 alerts, using 25 indicators on any chart, and working with eight layouts! And if you ever have any problems, you get faster access to their support team.

Is TradingView Worth it?

After checking out other TradingView pro vs TradingView premium reviews, this platform offers loads of data and tools, great for newbies and trading veterans. 

However, some of their pricier plans might only be worth it for some. It’s all about what you need. So, look at TradingView for yourself, see how it feels, and then decide.

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