Tradon Review – Start Your Trading Campaign With Tradon

Tradon Review

Start Your Trading Campaign With Tradon

The world is fast moving towards the crypto revolution. Are you left behind? 

The world of online trading is waiting for you. 

One of the fastest growing online trading platforms, Tradon combines industry expertise, majorly traded commodities and ease of trade under one Umbrella.

So why not start your trading campaign today.

What’s Behind Tradon

Regulated tightly by the Financial Services Authority, Tradon follows strict guidelines meeting global industry standards. A web based platform that starts the day with 08:00 AM Sydney and ends it with 04:00 PM New York. All the best assets are just a touch away with Tradon. Whether you are trading for yourself or for your company, they are here for you.

Assets Available to Trade with Tradon
Fiat Currencies Stocks & Shares Commodities
EUR/JPY DAX 30 Crude Oil
GBP/USD Google Platinum
USD/CAD Tesla Natural Gas
AUD/CAD Microsoft Silver

Using WebTrader to allow you to securely log in from your PC web browser, you can access all your funds where ever you are and whenever you choose. This means, no complex software downloads plaguing your disk space and no risk of sneaky viruses!

Tradon has two different types of platforms and three types of accounts to choose from, tailored to your experience in the trading industry. One for new comers and one for the experts! 

Your funds are always secured by SSL and kept in segregated bank accounts, so you never have to worry about withdrawing funds when you most need them.

Financial decision making is always based on what’s happening in real time, therefore, Tradon has real time synchronization of news and updates. This means, you are never making decisions even a second late!

Features Cent €250 Pro Trader €2,500 Prime €25,000
Welcome Bonus 20% 25% 30%
Platform Web Trader
Leverage 1:100 1:200 1:300
Spreads 0.0 pips 1.0 pips 1.3 pips
Commission None

The Pros and Cons of Trading

Every investment comes with risks and rewards. Hence it is important to make logical decisions based on facts and relevant data (historical and real time). 

Pros Cons
Grow your investments in short time risk of loss
Access to a wide range of assets and commodities Minimum deposit required
Accessible online from anywhere in the world Some platforms charge commissions and withdrawal fees
Leverage your assets to make more money Requires quick decision making

This is where Tradon can help. 

With a talented and dedicated team of multi lingual trading experts, Tradon provides 24/5 assistance to all its clients! 

That’s not all, there are a multitude of benefits of trading with Tradon compared to other online trading platforms. 

Starting your journey with Tradon

A hassle free account opening process with one of their customer service agents ensures you are online and trading in no time! Choose from either Beginner or Pro platforms based on your trading experience. 

Pros Cons
Real time data with updated financial market news Web browser required
SSL security and close collaborations with Visa & Mastercard Company works with various liquidity providers hence fees open price and market price may differ
Stop Loss & Take Profits options and Negative Balance Protection Only Euro Currency accepted
Three Different types of accounts for beginner, pro and prime customers Limited commodities/ stocks on offer

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of their operations. With no hidden fees or hidden charges, Tradon’s transparency policies ensure that the customer is always well informed and never misled. 

The online financial advisory team is available to address any issues beginner traders might face and always offer sound advice and technical support as necessary. 

With zero commissions, stop loss and negative balance protection, Tradon ensures the best for its exclusive clientele. 

Join The Community Now!

If you are as inspired as we are, why wait? Begin your journey with Tradon today.

One of their dedicated and multilingual customer service agents will assist you in your journey into making the most out of your savings. All you need is an internet connection and your web browser will do the rest. 

Sign up today and become part of the community interested in helping you achieve your dreams.

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