5 Traits That Make Women More Successful in Certain Fields

It is not a secret that women are more successful than men in certain fields. It is also not a secret that the elevated success isn’t the result of gender differences, but rather the fruit of natural traits and women’s ability to master certain skills faster.

Experts have tried to dig deeper into this phenomenon. What they have discovered is immensely interesting: traits play an important role in women’s success. Here are the five traits that make women more successful in certain fields.

Women more successful image 332333Self-Awareness

Women have relatively higher self-awareness, which makes us more effective in management positions. That higher level of self-awareness also means that women can maintain better work-life balance and will most likely perform better in a busy or hectic environment.

We pay attention to others better too. Our good understanding of how we can help means we can listen to others for the purpose of understanding their words rather than to be able to answer. Self-awareness is a trait that often gets tied to long and successful careers.


There are reasons why women excel in specific fields that require high empathy like nursing. According to multiple studies, women are more capable in understanding others than men due to their higher empathy.

Of course, empathy is something that can (and needs to) be sharpened, but the process is so much easier in women. A lot of women look into becoming a nurse later in life because they already have strong empathy.

Women more successful image 23121234Curiosity

The drive to learn and acquire new skills is another good trait to maintain if you want to be successful in business or career. Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat; in some cases, curiosity is good. Being driven to learn new things and grow on a personal level will take you to new heights.

Curiosity needs to be backed by a strong understanding of how to learn effectively. You need to be able to decide on new skills to pick up and plot your course to mastering them before you can begin learning in an effective way.


Listening is a trait that many women can master easily. Communication is as much about listening as it is about talking, which is why having the ability to listen and absorb information effectively is crucial in developing effective communication skills.

Similar to curiosity, a willingness to listen needs to be paired with the ability to capture key details in a conversation. While listening is more of a trait than a skill, the ability to absorb information in a structured way is a skill that needs to be developed.

Attention to Detail

To complete the equation, we have our natural instinct to pay attention to details. Many roles require you to be very attentive and meticulous. Whether you are running your own business, working as an accountant, or pursuing your passion in healthcare as a nurse, good attention to detail will help you succeed.

So, do you have these traits? Remember that these traits still need to be sharpened and trained. Some of them require additional skills before they can be valuable. Invest in these traits, however, and you will give your career – or your business – a substantial push. Perhaps you could do a leadership course if you are really serious being the best of the best.