Travel Excuses and Why Many Just Don’t Cut it

Travel excuses image 4444For many, travel is a “maybe someday” idea. Perhaps one day, you will take a flight the country of your dreams, or go on a roadtrip. However, you have a million reasons why you just can’t do it now. However, many of those reasons do not fall into scrutiny. Here are a few excuses, and what you can do about them.

“I Have Social Anxiety”

One reason people don’t want to travel is because they have anxiety, depression, or another mental health roadblock. This is definitely a legitimate reason, but there is hope. Therapists and counselors have made it easier to get past your roadblocks, and online therapy has made it especially easy. Also, searching for online therapists who you can contact while you’re traveling – so you can get the help you need if there’s an emergency.

“I Can’t Afford It”

Many people think a vacation will cost tens of thousands of dollars, but there are many ways you can travel on a budget. First, you don’t need to travel across the world; you can travel to a spot nearby. Second, there are many ways you can save. Hunt for the cheapest flights. Use sites like AirBnb to find hostels and other house sharing that is quite affordable. There is a budget plan for every country, from Spain to Hong Kong.

“I’m Always Working”

Your job can make it quite difficult. You have to save up vacation days, and even if you get the days off, your boss may still want to call you in. Plan a vacation carefully with your boss. If you have a good relationship, they may allow it. Find ways to compensate. It’s hard getting enough free days to enjoy your vacation, but with a little luck, you can do it.

“I Have to Learn a Language”

No, you don’t need to learn an entire language to go to a country that doesn’t speak English. If you’re going to a big city, like Tokyo, there is plenty of English to get by. It’s the international language, after all. Second, there are many translation apps and helpful guides that teach you the basics. We are slowly erasing language barriers, and you can be a part of that revolution.

“It’s not safe”

There are some places that definitely aren’t safe to travel to, but if you’re traveling to a first world country, you’re probably in as much danger as you were back at home. Plus, flying is the safest way of travel. You have a bigger chance of dying during a drive to the grocery than you do on a flight.

“I have kids”

If you have children or just a family, it can be hard to travel with them. You have to pay for more, you will have to deal with kids who will be tired and worn out, and you need to accommodate for their entertainment as well as your own. However, there are plenty of places you can visit that will entertain both kids and adults.

“My age”

Some people feel like their age is holding them back. If they are young, they feel like they don’t have enough experience. Well, you can’t get experience if you don’t travel. If you are old, you may feel like you should just stay home. However, traveling can keep your mind and body sharp as you age.

While not everyone is going to travel, there are many reasons that just don’t hold up to scrutiny. Get out there and make some plans to travel.