Tips for Travelers to Know for Car Rental

Do you need to rent a car for your next trip? Renting a vehicle is the best option for travelers. It gives them flexibility and freedom. Moreover, renting a car is more feasible in some areas. However, make sure take certain precautions beforehand so that you do not encounter unpleasant complications later on.

Car rental image 499392939One of the main challenges, especially for people who have never hired a car in another town or country before, is knowing which rental company and car to choose. In this article, I am going to share some tips that will help you understand how car rental works and how you can save money.

Choosing A Car

The first thing you need to decide on is the vehicle you need for your trip. If you are traveling with your family, you may want to opt for a large SUV. However, if you are a group of 2 to 3 friends, then a small car will suffice.

If you want to spend as little as possible on fuel, smaller does not always mean cheaper. There are many different environmentally friendly car models on the market.

In some parts of the world, manual transmission is standard, while in others, motorists tend to go for automatic vehicles.

Before determining what kind of car you would prefer, find out whether that country has manual or automatic cars as standard.

Car Booking

There are many international car rental companies in the world such as Alamo, Enterprise, National, Get Transfer, Budget Dollar, Thrifty, etc. Their quality of service depends on the area you want to travel to.

Remember that a good review of a company in the United States does not necessarily mean this is also the case in Germany, the UK, France, etc.

Find out which company offers the best deals and has the top reviews. For example, guarantees that their rates are cheap. They will match any bargain deal you manage to find.

Understand Your Rental

You also need to understand your rental TOS before confirming your reservation. You need to ask about their restrictions and any extra fees they charge. Do they charge you extra on a no-show, i.e., if you don’t turn up to pick it up?

Some companies charge extra fees for the second driver. Ask them about it, as the second driver’s name should also be listed on the contract.

True Cost of Car Rental

Normally, the rate shown on the advertisement is not a true reflection of the total amount you have to pay. These rates can be inflated with local and state taxes, additional driver fees, airport surcharges, gasoline bills, insurance, and drop off charges.

You need to make sure you are aware of all the charges, otherwise you could be in for an unpleasant surprise.

An ad may be quoting a rate for a specific season only. Most car rental companies, such as Transport Executive, have become increasingly transparent about their rates.


Car rental insurance image 4994994

Many car rental company employees try to get customers to pay for as much insurance cover as possible. In some countries, such as the United States, people have their own car insurance policy which may cover, for example, collision damage and personal liability for a rental vehicle.

Check with your insurance broker in Cincinnati whether you should take out additional insurance.

Filling the tank

Before you return the vehicle, fill up the tank yourself. Do not rely on the rental agency to do this for you. Nine times out of ten, you will end up paying considerably more if you let them do it.

No need to pay for GPS

If you add GPS onto your rental, it will probably cost you an extra $10 to $15 per day. Use your smartphone navigation instead.

Age restrictions

Some companies may charge extra for young drivers, i.e., under the age of 25. Others may only rent to motorists aged 25 plus.

If you are more than 70 years old, ask the company whether you need to pay an extra fee.

Book in advance

The earlier you book, the cheaper the whole deal is likely to be. You are also more likely to get the car you want if you book early.

We hope that after reading these tips, you are now better prepared for your booking. Good luck!

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