Trends in Digital Marketing Strategy 2021

Digital advertising in Australia rose by 24.2% at the start of 2021, the largest growth since 2016 according to reports. Video advertising showed the largest increase by 38.8% showing that many companies, especially those in the retail sector, are becoming more confident marketing online. The most common and effective method to attract website traffic is via blog content, particularly good quality content that can be easily subscribed to. Here are some more emerging trends in online marketing for 2021 to add to your campaign.

Social Media Alternatives

Nowadays, digital marketing is indispensable for businesses if they want to succeed. Consider your target demographic before choosing where to focus your digital marketing strategy as exploring alternative social media platforms is set to be trending in 2021. Get ahead of the game as 80% of Australians use social media for an average of one hour 46 minutes per day. YouTube is one of the top most used platforms so it may be worth investing some time in some tutorial or product information videos to boost your returns. Linked In is also a great place to gain social leads, network with other businesses and see what the competition is doing. Additionally, messenger services like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger accommodate billions of messages per day and many businesses are now using these to allow consumers to contact them making for effective customer service.

Influencer Marketing

Around 96% of people engage regularly with those they follow on social media and influencers are on trend for 2021. The top influencers are predominantly women in the Australian market therefore this may have to be considered when marketing your product. You may have to look a little deeper to find a male influencer but, although they may have fewer followers, you can find someone who can market to your target audience to great effect. Take a thorough look at who your potential partner’s audience is, including their age range and their location, to determine whether your product or services will be targeted to the correct demographic.

Interactive Marketing

Creating interactive content is a new trend for 2021, with many sites gaining interest by creating viral videos for TikTok and YouTube or creating a simple quiz or poll. This is also a key way to gage what interests your audience and determine what they are looking to see on your site. In short, anything that viewers can engage with, swipe or click. Keeping in touch with the latest news in business and your sector first will help you to target your content to ensure that you cover any new developments and encourage interest in your website. Conversational marketing can be beneficial if a chatbot is used. This way, your customers and service users can engage with you without the need for you to be available 24/7. This can provide answers to questions and even send emails to your inbox to be answered during business hours.
Marketing strategies have changed over the last two years due to the pandemic which is why businesses must remain adaptable in their marketing strategy. Trying and testing new ideas is a sure way to find which ones are the best fit for you but this does not mean that some will not be a good fit later on. Re-use and experiment to see which work best at different times.